A Good Spanking: Basic CP Tips Pt2

A Good Spanking: Basic CP Tips Pt2

The Importance of ‘Warming Up’

When beginning any chastisement the bottom cheeks or in fact any area to be punished, need to be completely warmed. To warm the bottom, use a thorough hand spanking. The slaps must start gently and build up until the area is pink or reddened and warm to the touch. So why does the bottom go such a lovely crimson red? In simple terms – any impact to body tissue will cause a substance called histamine to be released into the surrounding area. Histamine is what is known as a vasodilator which means it causes blood vessels to relax and open up.

During a spanking the tissues in the buttocks release histamine and cause the capillaries just below the skin to open up and fill with even more blood than usual. You, of course, see a bright red bottom. Warming the skin actually helps prevent serious marking. This is because the blood pressure in capillaries that have been relaxed with histamine is much lower than in normal capillaries. A shock wave moving into a capillary with higher pressure is more likely to rupture it leading to bruising and marking. It is a little like stretching your muscles before you go to the gym.

The Submissive’s body will also release chemicals called endorphins during a long warm-up which will enable them to handle much higher levels of pain. To warm less fleshy areas like the back use a soft whip to gently bring the blood to the surface of the skin. A good, long warm up will lead to a prolonged horny spanking session, while no warm up or an ineffective one will result in your partner finding the following thrashing very difficult to accept!


Hand spanking has to be the most erotic type of castigation anyone can receive. Usually it is given while the submissive is bent over the knee and thus both partners are very close to each other. Hand spanking also involves intimate touching as the hand actually comes into contact with the flesh of the bottom and one partner is actually lying over the genitals of the other. If you use an upwards slicing motion, in a slicing action it makes the cheeks wobble which can stimulates the genitals. You can use vertical movements and downward slices. You can use your four fingers or whole hand. A cupped hand, which although not any harder, does make more sound than a flat hand.

Spanking can be a punishment in itself, or the best prelude (warm up) to any other corporal punishment. When beginning a spanking it is still necessary to start with lighter spanks and build up to harder ones. The key to properly hand spanking someone is not to punch at the bottom especially the base of the spine. This does not mean you cannot hit hard or make it really sting. Just bring your hand down with a good hard slap, lift off so that it stings but don’t use excessive force. Be aware that if the dominant partner wears more than one ring on their hands they can cut into the skin during a hand spanking. So for hard hand spanking take your rings off.

Spanking is about finding a constant rhythm with which to slap your victim’s bottom. A spanking does not necessarily have to be delivered by hand as any small, flat object will do. Using implements for spanking has the advantage of increasing the intensity of the beating (and protecting your hand). The slipper and hairbrush (or any small paddle) are ideal for heavier spanking especially when someone is bent over your knees, as it is not possible to use long implements.

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