Shackled In Iron & Leather

Shackled In Iron & Leather

I’ve mentioned this a few times before on this blog 😛 how as a young woman I always fantasied about having a man locked in a subterranean cell under my home, shackled in inescapable chain bondage. He’d be my pet, totally at my mercy as my captive play thing. I’d get super hot just knowing he was down there 247. Waiting on my return. Not knowing where my mood might take him – pain or my pleasure 😈   There as my bondage puppet left for hours in all manner of creative bondage scenarios.

Now at The English Mansion I get to make my femdom dreams come true…. And you can watch all the action in Shackled In Iron & Leather now showing inside the members’ area. I was experimenting with extreme tease & denial, making him hot, including using my anal fucking machine. All while keeping his physical body in cold metal chastity including a sendep metal head ball, tight cock cuff and full chastity suit – perfect for controlling subs with erotic nipples. Though like most feeble undisciplined men, despite my best efforts, an unauthorised prejac emission, even while in a chastity device appeared!

Here are some of the highlights:


About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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One Response to Shackled In Iron & Leather

  1. Barry Cross says:

    Oh Goddess Sidonia
    I confess to an abiding fetish wet dream of my that has sadly to remain as such, as regrettably I am far too chicken to actually try it out.
    It is to be held hunted and tracked down by my female superior, and captured in chains to her headquarters, there to be imprisoned and held captive.
    Far from sight of my family and friends, with absolutely no knowledge of my whereabouts, and beyond hope of informing anyone of my plight.
    I am helpless, all alone, held prisoner by a far superior being, to suffer any punishments that she may wish to inflict, on my feeble pathetic male form.
    Oh what punishment and torture may await me, I can only wonder at every sound, and noises that may permeate my cell, that despite my best endeavours creep into my mind, and invade and beset my every waking thought and stimulate my imagination of the terrors that might befall me. Such that sleep can be no escape, dare I shut my eyes, what nightmares may haunt my very psyche, that may drive me insane!.
    These thoughts and dreams Oh My Goddess Sidonia You haunt my deepest and yes darkest recesses of my psyche, I hereby confess to harbouring these dreams of YOU!!!.
    In my dreams You control me as Your dutiful supplicant, these dreams are in equal measure enticing, invigorating, exciting, and oh so very scary and frightening, for this virgin male wimp, who is in reality far too much of a scaredy cat to dare to try this for real.

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