Broken Reprogrammed Repaired

broken-whipped-by-ezada-sinnReprogramed: From Arrogant Husband to Submissive Slave

Recently the gorgeous Mistress Ezada Sinn came to visit The English Mansion and together we had to deal with a particularly difficult aggressive and arrogant male specimen, sent to us for ‘correction’ by his wife. The poor hapless husband unwittingly turned up at The English Mansion not realising where he was… or what was in store in for him…

Given he was a difficult case we decided to embark on a particularly intricate programme to break him and wipe his mind of all his former male traits; and further, to embed submissiveness and obedience to all women into his faulty psyche. Ultimately, to turn him into a slave to all superior women.

ponyboy-riding-ezada-sinn-Alongside the mind control reprogramming it as also necessary to break his body with harsh whippings and physical exertion to the point of total exhaustion. This we achieved with a number of cruel methods, though most fun was an afternoon of slave carting around the extensive Mansion grounds.

We also humiliated him making him crossdress in slutty stockings and suspenders for a hard spitroasting with our huge strapon cocks! Well it’s always good for a man to experience being fucked, objectified and used for a woman’s sexual pleasure; and another important milestone in order to repair this defective male.

broken-whipped-by-mistress-ezada-sinn-1You can watch this exclusive full-length femdom film, with unique POV action, featuring elite European domina, Mistress Ezada Sinn, Broken Reprogrammed Repaired Pts 1, 2 & 3, now inside our Members’ Area.


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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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3 Responses to Broken Reprogrammed Repaired

  1. bootslavewilliam says:

    The poorly-behaved male tricked by his scheming Female partner into undergoing essential, enforced and irreversible behaviour modification at the hands of experienced Dominant Trainers assisting a Superior Sex Sister… a classic, highly potent and delectable theme, just like your appearance and aura, Mistress Sidonia.

    Those absolutely gorgeous boots, that contrasting red skirt, those black gloves, that severe pony-tail, that harsh and cruel gaze demanding silence and a respectfully bowed head from the shocked inferior male, unable to escape but also unwilling to do so because of his compulsion to submit once under your spell and confronted with your might and the helplessness and logic of his situation… (Incidentally, no disrespect intended towards Mistress Ezada Sinn!)

    You have done it again, Mistress! You’ve got my submissive mind racing and fantasising and craving and begging to experience that husband’s breaking, re-programming/re-training predicament, not because I am guilty of major misdemeanours (I truly swear!), nor because I ever forget that males like me need to be kept on our toes to improve our service and to remind us of our place, but simply and MOST importantly to PLEASE, as They see fit, my Owner and Superior Female “Co-Conspiratrices” (fetish argot?).

    Repetitive (what else can I do?), I know, Mistress, but always expressed respectfully… and, OK, OK, I confess, sluttily too!

  2. Urpetdog ( Tommy the dog ) says:

    It was real peaceful life at mansion serving dynamic Goddesses under their command & flog,living manly life was useless, but surely living life as mansion dog is worthy enough to experience serving Almighty power goddesses Sidonia & Ezada the ultimate Living Goddesses.
    When submitted I was man,after signing slave dogs contract,I was trained for all dogly duties,now am full time mansion dog,proud to be mansion dog.
    I serve Goddess Sidonia,Ezada,right 4m feet licking to Ass licking,armpit licking,nostril licking,ears licking,all the crotch,snots,sneeze,sweat,pee,poo,bodily jelly of both Sidonia & Ezada is my daily feed to keep me fit & fine.
    I love to serve Mansion Goddesses till last breath.
    I owe my life to Mansion

  3. Leather Lady says:

    Always a delight to see a worthless excuse of manhood being forcibly retrained by beautiful, strong Mistresses in tight leather. I love the power of leather and seeing other women asserting their dominance clad in tight sexy leather over mere men. Excellent work and very much enjoyed!

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