Husband Duties While Under Her Thumb

Husband Duties While Under Her Thumb

Domestic Femdom – Turned Into A Subby Hubby

Lady Nina Birch is the bitch wife you better hope doesn’t get you under her thumb or you may have a painful and humiliating time… here are two fabulous domestic femdom movies showing right now inside The English Mansion members’ Area.

Husband Duties
My husband can never get it right! he has been left to tidy up the house,but when I come home my disappointment in his lack of effort means he is going to have to pay! I make him clean my shoes then beat him with a variety of kitchen utensils until his arse is nice and red. I use clothes pegs to increase his discomfort. When he explains he has baked me a cake for my birthday I am totally furious as it doesn’t really help with my diet plan (he never listens to me) I found another use for the cake though, which amuses the hell out of me but heaps yet more humiliation on my pathetic excuse for a husband. I set about making my own ‘special cake’ after removing my panties and placing them on his face, I leave him tied, filthy and sorry.


Under Her Thumb
He’s in trouble again! I’m supposed to be going out and he’s forgotten to pick up my dress from the dry cleaners – so it gives me the perfect excuse to punish him. After having his cock and balls squeezed and twisted with tongs, I decide a fly swat is not just good for use on flies. My useless husband gets a good thrashing on his bare arse with it. I find that a spatula and hairbrush can be equally as useful. I make him crawl around and worship my high shiny stilettos and desperately trying to make it up to me. Washing pegs on his genitals and nipples make him begin to realise he’s priorities in life- ME! I smother him with my arse and pussy allowing him just enough air. His entire wage packet is the only reason I keep the useless fucker around. Up on the kitchen worktop balls tied tightly to he’s big toes, humiliatingly exposed and thrashed some more. He realises his little detour to the pub on his way home just wasn’t worth it.


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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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