The Cane – The Classic English Discipline Tool Pt 2

Dominalisa-schoolmarm-earpullingEar pulling, the perfect entrée before the main course of a hard, cold, caning – here to be metered out by classic school marm Domina Liza

The Great Equaliser
Caning is probably one of the most revered of the disciplinary arts taking some time to perfect. A perfect cane stroke needs a minimum amount of effort, you don’t have to throw your whole body into it. In fact the greatest accuracy is achieved with the minimum variation of movement. This is probably one of the reasons as to why the cane is such a favoured disciplinary tool. The stature and strength of the disciplinarian is immaterial as it is one’s technique that is all-important -the cane is certainly a great equalizer for women.

Before beginning a punishment with the cane, it is really advisable to have a very thorough warm up to help prevent serious bruises and cuts. Despite appearances canes are very severe implements, so never use full force blows as they may cause damage to underlying tissue and nerves.

Caning Techniques
There are two different techniques to caning someone. Firstly with a ‘wrist only’ movement and secondly, with an ‘arm and wrist’ movement. I would suggest that beginners (and when caning in an area with limited space/height) should always use the wrist movement. It is also the stroke I prefer to use as it has a greater degree of accuracy. Hold the cane in your hand, tuck your elbow into your body and using only your lower arm, use a fast wrist motion to flick the cane at the target. If you cane without moving your wrist you cannot get any speed into the motion of the stroke or that lovely ‘swish’ noise, as you are not really using the flexibility of the cane.

naval-thrashing-canePetty Officer Wren Jessica Woods about to dish out a naval thrashing.

The ‘arm and wrist’ movement involves lifting up and bringing down your arm, putting the force of your shoulder behind the stroke, finishing the stroke with the wrist movement. The arm can move either up or out for this motion. Make sure you practice the movement and measure the stroke lots of times before beginning the punishment because with this technique it is easy to be inaccurate. If you have never caned someone before try holding the cane about a third of the way in, this makes it shorter, less flexible and easier to control. Only as you gain confidence move your hand back.

After striking the bottom you can either follow through with a stroke that leaves the cane firmly planted on the buttocks or allow the cane to bounce back and lift away from the area. Following through will make the stroke more painful and ‘thumpy’, this is because you are passing on all the kinetic energy of the stroke into the buttocks.

Another caning technique is that of ‘bastinado’  a rapid continuous drumming of the skin often used for punishing the feet. In old Public School films I have seen the punisher run across a room to administer the stroke. I don’t personally believe this will make a great deal of difference to the stroke, (except to make it more difficult to be accurate). I am sure, however, it does have some great psychological effect on the frightened recipient.

headgirl-cane-punishmentI remember this film, I was the ‘Vice Head’ Girl and he was the ‘Sub’ Prefect (genuine British School badges) I did loads of bad stuff then had him blamed no wonder I’m laughing! Here the caning is being dished out by the hard left-hander Miss Birch.

There is also the possibility of being caned in public or in front of someone. Here added to the pain of the cane is the insult of humiliation, having your trousers pulled-down (or skirt pulled-up) then your panties lowered and punished while everyone watches.

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