Queened by a Queen – So, What is Queening?

The stunning Ms Zara du Rose queening a male sex slave

So, What is Queening?

Certain erotic acts are synonymous with female domination – boot worship and whipping probably come to mind, but for directly sexual acts the most prevailing is queening. Queening is the act of a woman sitting on a man’s face while he licks her cunt to pleasure her.

There is of course a non-sexual version (or perhaps indirectly sexual would be more accurate); I would use the term face-sitting for this, as opposed to queening, however, as we have such a paucity of words for sexual acts they are often substituted for each other. For me, within the nuanced world of BDSM, face sitting is usually done clothed and is wrapped up with many fetishes like bottom or pantie worship; restricted breathing/smothering; human furniture; or crushing/wrestling.

Queening is sexual – it rivals or even substitutes the full-sex act for the dominant woman. This reverence stems, I believe, from its essence as a selfish act concerned only with a woman aggressively taking her pleasure and satisfaction. While having a man hard, frustrated and unsatisfied adds to its enjoyment. It is also a uniquely femdom sex act as it does not work in reverse (man on top).

And, like strapon play, it is an inherently powerful act. It reduces the man to merely an object for ‘her’ sexual pleasure. Any woman can of course lie back and have her genitals licked – queening demonstrates your superiority and in an elegant way, as you sit-up over him enthroned while he is kept subservient beneath you. This is where the act takes its name as you sit majestically on your ‘throne’. You are above him, on him, smothering him, enveloping him, he only takes a breath with your consent, he cannot even see your face.

It is the submissive’s ultimate act of worship, as it revolves around service that gives sexual pleasure while he receives none. (OK that’s not to say it cannot be equally enjoyable or desirable for the men being used). For the man it places him in a subservient position but also an intimate one where he is permitted to taste and smell the goddess who towers above him.

To properly ‘Queen’ you don’t just sit on the man’s face, you ride it, his head can be tightly gripped between your thighs or pinned beneath your buttocks, you then direct the rhythmic movements with your hips, hovering over his mouth using or avoiding his nose. You can face in either direction, kneeling over his head or even squatting. Queening is best performed on a comfortable bed as it provides the woman’s shins a padded surface and the give of the bed allows for a certain amount of bounce. It’s also a position that gives the woman complete access to her male partner’s nipples and cock – I like to have a crop in hand and find a few cracks to his frustrated cock always seem to get him focused!

The advent of today’s fetish scene has created a huge market place for bespoke toys and equipment and the mark of the popularity of queening is borne out in the many Queening Stools, Smother Boxes & Queening Chairs now available. Here at The English Mansion we even have a motorised face sitting/queening chair.

Queening Stools, Chairs & Boxes

And, if like myself you want to achieve orgasm then being relaxed is essential and thrones and boxes provide the most comfortable way for the Mistress to sit back and have her cunt licked until orgasm. Some even come with a perfectly engineered head rest that fits beneath the subs neck, so the head (still supported) tilts backwards allowing the mouth to be the highest point to be mounted thus the nose is lower making it more comfortable for the Mistress and keeping it free from obstruction. Some of the thrones ingeniously have seats on springs allowing you to comfortably bounce away on your sub’s face.

Queening – A Blank History

I tried discover any ancient or early citations of queening but there are no historical depictions in art or references in literature until the mid-19th century (despite the many titillating but fanciful accounts that can be found on the web, which have no evidential basis). I suspect this omission is not because woman didn’t take the lead in sex or use sexual positions where they were literally ‘on top’ but it certainly does not seem to have been the norm. This blank is not perhaps that surprising as in the Western/Christian world sex was an act to procreate children, not for pleasure, so oral sex itself was frowned upon. Plus acts like queening would have challenged and opposed conventional notions of femininity.

The first image I could find of queening was from the late 19th century by German illustrator, Heinrich Lossow (1840–1897) who was a prolific pornographer. This image was part of his ‘Her Faithful Servant’ series.

*I used the word ‘cunt’ in this article, as I was at a loss to find another. I had the choice of medical terms like her sexual genitals or vulva; or trivial and sexist words like pussy or cherry but I alas could not find the right word.

The Amazonian Mistress Pandora using The English Mansion’s motorised queening chair

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Even More Femdom Funnies

It’s the holidays so how about another lighter look at femdom with some more internet memes & funnies  🙂

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Cinema Paradiso: Femdom Fiction

with the gorgeous Fetish Lisa

Cinema Paradiso: Femdom Fiction

Phil relaxed into the sofa, his glass of prosecco looking inviting in his hand. His wife Louise sat beside him on the plush leather two-seater. Across the living room Eve and her partner Mark had seated themselves in the accompanying sofa, the flutes of prosecco perched in their hands.  

The evening had been Louise’s idea. In their earlier days she had loved sitting in towards the end of the week for what she called a cinema evening. She had recently revived the idea for the streaming era, and he had indulged her. It was after all a small trade-off for his being away most of the week, and for his various indiscretions if the truth was known. This Friday evening she had decided to invite over her new friend Eve and her partner. Phil hadn’t met them before and, once the requisite introductions had been made, the couples had retired to the living room for a drink and some light finger food.  

Louise, in her usual strident manner, had been adamant that not too much should be drank at this stage as it would dull the impact of the movie. She had explained to him that Eve and Mark were big film buffs as well and the idea was right up their alley. For his part, Phil would have liked to barge right into the drink. He had found Eve slightly interesting, though quite prim and altogether proper. Although he had to admit there was an unsettling quality about her, as if there was something more to her that was not readily apparent.  

In any case, he found the couple slightly boring, and the small talk had been just that, small. In his own mind he conjured up a range of other activities he would have happily engaged in on this Friday evening, none of which involved Louise or the sedate domesticity of this living room.  

Louise now stood up and went to the large corner flatscreen. She turned to face the putative audience. “My choice of movie this evening has been, as per tradition, a secret up to now,” she said, with a bit of a giggle. “However, I think you are all going to enjoy it immensely. It will be, I assure you, very titillating and not for those who blush easily. 

“I’m reverting this evening to a DVD disk, instead of streaming.” 

With that she took hold of the remote and returned to the sofa. The screen flickered into life. Phil feigned anticipation, but his mind was elsewhere.  The low whir of the DVD hummed into action and an image appeared on the screen. Instantly, Phil stared transfixed, his gaze frozen on the screen. He was looking at himself, lying in bed. He was naked. A woman appeared at the side of the bed, dressed in a satin dressing robe.

On the screen he leaned across and pulled at belt of the robe, easily undoing it.  She slipped off the robe, displaying her naked form, her large breasts prominent.  He took her hand and pulled her onto the bed. She sat astride him, mounted him, and started to ride him.  Phil’s mouth had gone dry. He dared a glance at Louise who had an enigmatic smile on her face. What the fuck is going on, he thought.  From what seemed far away he heard Eve chuckle.

“My, my Louise, hasn’t Phil been a naughty boy!?” 

On the screen the girl continued to gyrate atop Phil. He remembered the night well. It had been two weeks ago, on a business trip. He had met her in a recommended pick-up bar after the conference.  

He turned to Louise. “What is going on. I can explain this. Please turn it off.” 

Louise turned to him, and her eyes seemed to bore into him.

“Shut up you bitch,” she snarled.  His jaw dropped. He could hardly believe any of this.  

“Oh my,” interjected Eve. “Phil look at what you have made Mark do.” 

Phil looked over. Eve’s partner had started to masturbate on the sofa.  Phil felt that reality had fractured and ruptured. He wondered if a good splash of cold water on his face might wake him, and restore order to the world. He looked at Eve and Louise. Both smiled mischievously, he thought. Louise and Eve both stood in unison.  

“Stand up you bitch,” ordered Louise. As if in a trance, Phil felt himself getting up.  

“I can explain,” he stammered and then he felt a sharp slap across his face.  

Louise stood back. “You pathetic bitch. You fell right into our honey trap. You see I know you’ve been fucking around for ages now. Going to your business meetings and conferences and fucking any little harlot you can get.  

“Well from here on things are changing. You see, Mistress Eve has taken me under her wing and has been training me in female dominance. From now on you are going to be my test case, my slut and whore.” 

Eve stepped forward. “Excellent darling,” she said to Louise. “A great statement of intent.” 

Phil noticed she had a satin belt in her hand. He realised it was the same one the girl in the hotel bedroom had been wearing on her robe.  Eve stood in front of him and placed the robe around his neck, tying it into a leash.  

“I thought this touch was most fitting,” she said to Louise who nodded her assent.  She tugged on the makeshift leash.  

“Listen,” said Phil. “No, you listen,” snarled Eve. “You are going to do exactly as you are told to atone for your transgressions. Your life changes now.” 

With that she tugged the leash, leading Phil like a dog to where Mark still sat, stroking his cock on the sofa.  

“Get on your knees,” Eve ordered.  

Phil knelt, Mark looming over him, his large totemic phallus glistening in the light. He felt Louise taking up position behind him, placing her arms on his shoulder. “Now darling,” she spoke into his ear. “Lick Mark’s cock.” 

“Hang on,” Phil remonstrated. “Shut up you bitch,” snarled Eve. “Do as your wife tells you.” 

As if in an out of body experience Phil felt Eve tug on the belt. Mark’s cock now occupied his vision. Both women applied more pressure. He now smelt Mark’s scent. He moved his tongue out in exploratory fashion. Goosebumps erupted on him as it made contact with Mark’s bare flesh.  

“Lick it bitch husband,” ordered Louise. 

He started to lick the shaft, his tongue moving slowly up and down, taking measure of the large circumference.  

“His balls as well,” said Eve.  

His tongue ferreted out Mark’s voluminous balls, the sensation again causing another shudder across his body.  

“Now up the shaft again, darling husband.” 

He moved back up, repeating the up and down tongue motion.  

“Now suck it you slut,” ordered Eve.  

He started, but felt pressure of the two women, and the aroma of Mark. He felt strangely intoxicated as his tongue found Mark’s head and his lips slowly cupped around its large circumference. 

“Suck it,” Louise shouted.  

He started the motion, his tongue sloshing around Mark’s cock as it filled his mouth and his being.  He slowly found a rhythm. He could hear the two women laughing from what seemed like miles away.  The taste of Mark enveloped him, the salty tang of precum, and nothing else seemed to exist in the world.  Suddenly he felt a sudden tug on his hair.  

Eve pulled him off. “Well now you took to that perhaps too well,” she observed. 

“We don’t want Mark getting too excited, do we, at least not before he has his way with your wife.” 

She pulled Phil back and he could now see Louise. She was naked. She stepped forward and sat on Mark, positioning herself as his cock found its purchase in her.  Phil knelt helpless as he watched his wife slowly begin riding Mark. He could not avert his gaze, staring as if in a hypnotic state as his wife fucked another man in front of him 

“Well now, let’s enjoy the show, shall we cuck husband Phil,” chuckled Eve.  

“Louise, do you think we should make a film for the next cinema evening?!!”

by slave p

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Top Dom: Mistress Lola Ruin

Cage With A View

Meet Resident English Mansion Dominas
The English Mansion always invites the world’s top dominas to stay over and play! We thought we should salute the very best of them and show you some of their finest moments. So here’s the absolutely stunning Mistress Lola Ruin…

Top Dom: Mistress Lola Ruin

Mistress Lola Ruin is one of the UK’s premier dominatrices, a prodom, fetish model & talented kink content producer. Glamorous and ultra feminine this lady is the epitome of a femme fatale. She’s a strikingly beautiful domina always immaculately dressed – be that in the finest latex or exquisite lingerie. With impossibly high heels, her signature perfectly coiffured long red hair, winged eyeliner framing her mesmerising blue eyes and long manicured nails.

Mistress Lola is an intuitive and experienced prodom available for sessions from her own private, fully equipped, personal playspace in East Manchester, North England, UK. She’s definitely the Queen of Tease and Cock Control specialising in the more sensual aspects of Female Domination: Orgasm Control/Chastity; Tease and Denial; Slave Training & Servitude; & Fetish play.

What’s more she’s a first-rate and creative fetish film producer and model. Producing clips with a focus on POV intimate 1-on-1 interaction in cock control and  slave training. You can see her in action on her clips stores, devote yourself to her on Loyal Fans or order custom clips.

We highly recommend you check out all of
Mistress Lola Ruin’s links

So here’s the divine Mistress Lola Ruin in action…

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Miss Vivienne L’Amour
Princess Aurora
Mistress Nikki Whiplash
Mistress Lola Ruin

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In Blood Red ~ Pt10 Fatale Femmes

In Blood Red
Art Photo Portraits of Dominant Women

The artist Ariel B turns her photographs into individual artworks. Gothic fairy tales, dances macabre, distant memories, otherness, otherworldliness, times gone by, death and decay are all preoccupations. This project produces portraits of prodoms and dominant women. She says dommes are the perfect subjects – creative, unique and exceptional individuals who deserve to be documented and memorialized through art. This series of images is loosely based around sexual deviance, supressed female belligerence and the divine sacred feminine.

Click on any image to see full screen version

Fatale Femmes

See More of Ariel B’s Art Portraits

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Part 2 ~ Divine
Part 3 ~ Fairytales
Part 4 ~ Deadly Women
Part 5 ~ Latex Glamour
Part 6 ~ Beautiful Hellions
Part 7 ~ Bewitched
Part 8 ~ Mean Queens
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Part 10 ~ Atomic Doms
Part 11 ~ Idolatry
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7 Ways To Turn A Man Into Your Slave

The stunning Miss Vivienne Hardy shows her boy whose’s on top in their relationship!

7 Ways To Turn a Man Into Your Slave
Some Basic Femdom BDSM Slave Training Tips

1. Give Him a New Name
this helps in the process of making him let go of his old self and become something you created. It also helps re-enforce his new status as your property.

2. Keep Him in Chastity
you retain the key and establish the rules about its use and when, if ever, he is allowed any self-pleasure.

3. Make Him Wear a Sign of Ownership
24/7 he should be made to wear a sign of his owned status. Collars are a standard item but are not practical for everyday wear. While until the relationship reaches a true maturity a tattoo or branding are also not appropriate (these should NOT be entered into lightly). However, a discreet piercing or secret item of jewelery, for ex. a ring or chain should be worn at all times. You could even make him paint his toe nails pink.

4. Set Out a Way for Him to Greet You
Assuming you are meeting in a private environment, he should be tutored in how to formally greet you (this is the first time he has seen you after a period of absence). This can be a position to get into: kneeling down, hands-on-head, face lowered; or to get down on his knees and kiss your shoes. If you meet out in public you may also need a special clandestine greeting like a discreet hand kiss.

I know for prodoms this will likely be to kiss their boots but it was always super horny for me with certain personal slaves, to have them come up to me pull down my undies and lick my arse whenever first in my presence. I liked how it set the tone for the meeting, reminding them of their place in my world.

5. Require Him to Carry Out Menial or Hard Labour Tasks
He must regularly complete a supervised task, this should be housework, gardening or admin. This is of course useful and a service to you but it has a more important purpose; it reinforces his menial status, keeps him occupied and crucially keeps his body physically tired and thus less likely to edge towards any recalcitrance.

I have set long physical tasks (or exercise programs alongside reduced calorie diets) for willful slaves as I like to have their bodies fully exhausted before I start to break them psychologically 🙂 Plus if you are a proponent of female supremacy it’s the perfect way to address the current gender bias towards housework. Let’s get the boys scrubbing!

6. Demand Obedience 
If he transgresses from any of your rules he must be punished for these infractions. Punishments are usually corporal, like a physical beating but they should fit the slave to make sure they really are unpleasant, and thus a proper penalty. So a slave who enjoys CP could, for ex. have his time in chastity extended. (Continued disobedience should result in dismissal.)

7. Enforce a Submissive Demeanour
This demeanor and attitude should be enforced across every aspect of his relationship with you, for ex., where he may sit, how he should address you, used for your WS etc. I also believe that fucking him regularly with a strapon cock is a perfect way to indoctrinate him further into submission. For personal slaves this should encompass sexual submission to you where he must be schooled in the art of sexually pleasuring you.

The gorgeous Mistress Courtney has this man where she wants him!

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