Rare & Vintage Fetish Club Fliers Pt1

Rare & Vintage Feitsh Club Fliers Pt1

Fetish club fliers document an underground subversive movement that started at the end of the ’80s and continued into the noughties.  The fetish club scene brought together a new generation of young people who wanted to challenge the status quo, to change attitudes to sex & sexuality, to gender and to our relationship with our own bodies.  It was a perverted revolution exploring: sex, fetishism, BDSM; cross-dressing, gender bending/transgender notions; lesbian, gay & bi rights; feminism –  women no longer in a passive sexual role for male pleasure but enjoying their bodies and sexualities.  The fetish scene changed the world!  Sexual politics and freedoms, fashion, body art, feminism, sex and sex work –  all have been transformed over the last 30 years and for the better!

Given I had quite a stock of old fliers I thought it important to archive them here for posterity.  I particularly chose very early fliers, or rarities; truly artistic masterpieces or subversive little gems.  Alongside trying to get in at least one flier from every past fetish club of that era so that they are not lost forever.


I’m featured a few times on flyers here in Pt1: Club Pedestal 2013; ClubRub – Night of Bondage 1999; & Pony Express 1994.

Check out this fab article on Club Der Putsch:
Kinky nights at the legendary fetish club Der Putsch

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Beg For The Peg: Strapons & Pegging

Beg For The Peg: Strapons & Pegging

We love ♥ big strapon cocks at The English Mansion. Our divine dominas like nothing more than strapping on giant phalluses, ready to manhandle boy-toy subs into vulnerable positions and then peg them every which way!

Strapon Power
Wearing and using a strapon as a woman is a powerful, aggressive and domineering act. You are breaking open and entering someone else’s body. An act at odds with almost the entire history of female physical sexuality. An act which, excluding femdom, is generally one of passivity and submissiveness. When using a strapon cock the man becomes vulnerable both physically and emotionally. It is an ultimate act of submission and complete surrender, where he is sexually overpowered and penetrated. Primarily, ‘he’ is being fucked – a sensation alien to men and the whole precedent of male and female sexual relations!

Women can also physically enjoy using a strapon – the rubbing on the front of female genitals can be very sexually stimulating. While the fucking itself can be slow and sensual; or hard, fast and deep! However, one of the most arousing and unexpected pleasures of using a strapon will be the psychological power that both wearing and using one brings.

On Your Knees Sucking
And strapons are not just for fucking with, it can be a super sexy and intimate experience to make your slave suck your cock. This is a supremely submissive act, well he has to be on his knees and all the eye contact is so *hot*. Teach him how to tickle and lick it with his tongue all over, up & down; and don’t forget to make him suck your balls, so humiliating. And, if you’re feeling really mean you can fuck his face or make him gag with some cruel deep-throat action. You know it’s deep when their eyes start watering 🙂 Plus strapon fellatio is the perfect way to get it all sloppy and wet, ready for his other hole.

Strapon Sissy Feminization
Strapon pegging is an important element to feminisation where Xdressed sissy subs must receive anally
big pegs for gratification; thus learning not to focus on their ‘old male appendages’ for pleasure. A great way for sissies to feel, be treated and act like a girl.

We love femdom strapon pegging at The English Mansion and you can watch all the real ‘banging’ action inside our members’ area.

Beg For The Peg: Strapons & Pegging
English Mansion Gallery

Find out about these real-life Dominatrixes & Dominant Women here

The English Mansion
~ Real Dommes in Femdom Films ~ Updated Every Day~
See Recent Updates here

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Studs & Leather – Kinky Metal Top Ten Music Chart

Welcome to The English Mansion’s
Studs & Leather – Kinky Metal Top Ten Music Chart
Our musical Top Tens dedicated to all things kinky

This chart covers Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Thrash & Alternative music, as there just weren’t enough classic Heavy Metal tracks about kink, or indeed, anything to do with sex! Even Black Leather by Guns N’ Roses is a Sex Pistols cover.
The music video for Happiness in Slavery by Nine Inch Nails was almost universally banned for its depiction of Bob Flanagan (see here) being tortured by a machine. It was inspired by Octave Mirabeaux’s decadent classic book The Torture Garden (1899). (The book which also became the namesake of the now world famous UK fetish club, TG.) I have managed to find the opening minute of the video but the rest is still censored.
It was a conscious decision not to make this an all male chart and I did pretty good finding four outstanding female entries.

Studs & Leather – Kinky Metal Top Ten
1   Black Leather
Guns N’ Roses (1993 ) Play Video
2   SIMP
Full Tac, Rico Nasty &
Lil Mariko (2021)
Play Video
3   Control
Puddle Of Mudd  (2001) Play Video
4   Fetish
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (1999) Play Video
5   Sick Like Me
joint with
5   Sex Metal Barbie
In This Moment (2014) & (2014) Play Video

Play Video

6   Closer
6   Closer
joint with
6   Happiness in Slavery
Palaye Royale (2023)

Nine Inch Nails (1994)
& (1992)

Play Video

Play Video

Play Video

7   Maverick Delilah Bon  (2024) Play Video
8   Spanked
joint with
8   These Boots
Van Halen  (1991)

Megadeth (1985)

Play Video

Play Video

9  Poison
Alice Cooper (1989) Play Video
10   I Wanna Be Your Slave
Måneskin (2021) Play Video

Contenders that didn’t quite make it into our Top Ten:

She Is A Fire by Cradle Of Filth (2023) Play Video
Women In Uniform
by Iron Maiden (1987)  Play Video
Manhunt by Wolfsbane (1989) Play Video

The English Mansion’s Kinky Music Charts

Take a look at our other musical Top Tens dedicated to all things kinky
~ to be included the rules are: they must be big hits or tracks from internationally well-known performers.

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The World According To Fetish: Cultural Fetishism

The World According To Fetish: Cultural Fetishism

Sexual fetishes are often developed or triggered by early life experiences, these could be frightening, exhilarating, physically painful or comforting, but all provided intense feelings and memories which later embed onto developing erotic desires.  In turn, these are determined by the external world we have grown up in – giving them a cultural component.  In North America there is far less interest in gas masks and heavy rubber play than Europe; this is because historically gas masks weren’t issued across that continent.  Meanwhile budding post-war young European perves found endless delight in restricted breathing masturbation games.  Yes access to them was one part, however, the gas mask was revered, it held totemic power, embodying the thinly concealed horror of their parents & grandparents memories of the WWI Western Front.  The drama of gasping for breath was thus sublimated from fear to pleasure.

This access to rubber masks is further compounded as in much of Germany, Italy & Belgium it is compulsory to wear a swimming cap in public pools giving many youngsters an affinity with that unique silky, rubbery material from an early age.  We know children are hypersensitive to strong flavours but they are also cognizant of textures finding some extremely comforting.  This young exposure combined with arousal in the teen years, has ushered in a latex loving sex life for many EU second skin enthusiasts.

The USA with its extreme commercialism and capitalism has sexualised its biggest unconscious fear – failure.  Here in Europe we champion the underdog, we love Eddie the Eagle and “it’s the taking part, not the winning that counts,” mentality.  No so for Americans where the ‘Loser’ finds himself mortified daily.  Awkward teenage boys in their first blossoming of sexual attractions and uncontrolled erections find themselves under attack from sexy alpha-female high-school princesses, whose vituperation constantly berates and humiliates them.  Setting up a lifetime of thrills at the thought of sexual shame.  The internet now has a plethora of findom Mean Girls with an L-shaped hand planted on their forehead letting you know how small your penis is, or reminding you how out-of-their-league you are, while attempting to rinse you.  Success and money is the perfect fetish for The Land of Opportunity.

Corporal punishment on minors has been around since antiquity but nowhere in the world has the process of beating school children been so ritualised and obsessed over than Great Britain.  Punishment books, an array of implements, number of strokes, positions, public shaming chastisements, dunce hats, corner time with bare bottoms exposed, not to mention all the uniforms!  From the Victorian era right up to the new millennium there was an explosion of men deriving sexual pleasure from being spanked, strapped and caned. This lifelong predilection for regular epic floggings directly a result of repeated childhood school punishments.  So common and rampant was the need for this sexual treatment that flagellation brothels cropped up and thrived all over English major cities.  These specialist brothels and madams are probably the earliest beginnings of today’s femdom and the modern dominatrix.

So widespread was this British love of corporal punishment that in Europe it was and still is known as ‘Le Vice Anglais’ while the brothels and massage parlours of the world offered English as the argot for sadomasochism and flagellation.  (Interestingly these houses also offered foreign travellers French and Greek to simplify language barriers.  French indicated oral sex, we have French kissing and French polishing for blowjobs, this association may in part have come from the fact the French were the first to allow public displays of affection.  And Greek denoting anal play, a euphemism for homosexual acts until fairly recently was Greek love, connections derived from the ancient Greek texts.  However, these are both historic, generalised terms and not indications of modern cultural preferences.)

It’s not surprising that our culture will have a bearing on our sexual fetishies and cultures change, in today’s more liberal age we no longer physically discipline children resulting in the now dying out of the classic style CP beatings as a fetish.

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Domination Dispatches from Miss Ruby Marks

Domination Dispatches from Miss Ruby Marks

Ever wondered what happens when a dominatrix visits The English Mansion, well you can read all about Miss Ruby Marks’ recent visits from her excellent blog posts – see the links below.

Miss Marks is a highly experienced and accomplished Dominatrix. Impressive and cosmopolitan this lady is highly intelligent, educated and cultured. She is well-established as a strict disciplinarian and an authority on corporal punishment. Expertly verbally berating and bringing down to size any charge that disobeys her, with her crisp exacting english voice. Though she is primarily known for her traditional CP scenarios & Lesdom; she is also a highly experienced and accomplished classic Dominatrix, versed in all aspects of training male submissives.
Miss Ruby Marks – More Information & Links Here

Dispatches from the Front Foot of Domination

A Meeting of Minds, Dominance and Beauty – Read Here

The English Mansion Never Disappoints – Read Here

Don’t miss out on the action featuring Miss Ruby Marks  showing now inside The English Mansion… Get Access Here

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Fine Art Femdom Cuckolding: The Swing

The Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

The Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732–1806)

L’Escarpolette (its original French name), The Swing, also known as The Happy Accidents of the Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard is one of the world’s most treasured Rococo paintings. Risqué for its time, it’s cited as a veiled reference to Cuckolding, (a cuckold is a man whose wife is, or has been unfaithful, who historically, was regarded as an object of derision.)  For me, it also has obvious femdom connotations when you interpret its visual clues.

A Cuckolding Tableau
A young woman bathed in light, and dressed resplendently in a vibrant sensual peach dress, is with joyous abandon, swinging back and forth, her shoe flying off in the process. Possibly a reference to her rocking back and forth on ‘something else’ with joyous abandon. In the 18th Century a ‘swing’ was a known symbol for infidelity. Here she is literally swinging between the two men in her life. (Well we all know what ‘swinging’ is these days.)

Her much older husband is happily holding his wife’s reins, at the back in the shadows. Her younger lover, secretly hiding in the bushes, is looking up her skirt, right at her ‘lady parts’. His phallic like arm pointing up to the oval opening in her dress; which to me, with its colour, shape and frills, is very much like the opening of a woman’s vulva.  Her ankle the clitoris, that with orgasmic delight has lost a shoe. There is a little white dog down next to his master (bottom right), a sign of fidelity and faithfulness who is barking, sounding the alarm. No one is noticing, they are all too engaged in their own hedonistic pleasure. Except the statue of Cupid (top left), the Roman god of desire and erotic love, his finger to his lips shushing the pooch. He is telling us that this is a clandestine meet up, and perhaps that this painting holds many racy secrets.

A Femdom Goddess
In the overall composition – they together make a triangle. A three-way relationship. From a femdom perspective she is at the top of this triangle, possibly a reference to being ‘on top’ sexually. Not just for intercourse and queening, but in the whole relationship set-up. She is above them all. An acknowledgement of the power of female sexuality. She’s a dominant goddess like Venus controlling everything. (Artistic representations of Venus are often paired with a dolphin, as she emerged from the sea, and notably there is a figurine of a dolphin beneath her.) All the men are captivated by her, visually (the composition & colour) she is at the centre of the painting eclipsing everything around her. She embodies a sence of freedom and abandonment of societal norms. Uncharacteristic for women of this time.

Despite the obvious male smutty jokes, it still resonates, it’s still beautiful -her joy and freedom as she rushes through the air, feels infectious. She’s bounding out of the painting – restricted by nothing.

Currently hanging in Wallace Collection, a national museum in London,UK

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