More Predicament Bondage

My Xdresser slave Jade is locked in a chastity suit, gagged and then bound to the bed. I then make her useful as a human drinks stand, she can’t move an inch though or will spill my drink and it will be BIG trouble for a little sissy!

So, to recap, what is Predicament Bondage?

Well it’s a bondage scenario where the restrained submissive is faced with a quandary – if I do this… this will happen, as one action will result in another, hence the predicament. This adds a psychological dimension to the play along with the physical sensations. Predicament bondage can also be any situation where the slave must move around and/or perform a task while bound, usually with the added peril that they will be punished for not achieving this task. (See Predicament Bondage – A Slave’s Dilemma, the first part of this article – here.)

Predicament Mainstays: Movement Equals Pain & Stress Positions

A common aspect of many predicament bondage scenarios is where any wriggling or movement will equal pain. The sub is tied in a static position, if they remaining still there will be no discomfort, however, if they move they will pull on ropes, weights or other devices etc. causing them pain. The sub may then be tickled, beaten, sexually pleasured or otherwise enticed to move 🙂

I’ve bound a slave in an elaborate rope hogtie on the floor and then heavily scattered a whole box of drawing pin/tacks around them, making sure there’s no attempt to wriggle anywhere.

Another variant of this and a mainstay of PB is the use of a stress position (a physical position held for a long period which exhausts the muscles causing discomfort) in order to get some respite if they move, they will inadvertently cause themselves another problem. For example: if tied standing on tiptoe, once tired the sub will lower their weight to stand regularly this will cause ropes tied above them attached to their genitals or nipples to pull taut – up or down, either way they suffer!

Here the slaves can work cooperatively for pleasure –  if they press together they get the full sensation from the vibrator – otherwise it’s all tease..

Ménage à Predicament

Predicament bondage scenarios can also be used when playing with two or more submissives, here the dilemma may involve one slave choosing to either spare themselves from pain by inflicting it onto another or suffer themselves. This could be someone they are fond of or a male slave suffering gallantly in order to save a female slave.

A game I used to play with a male and female sub was to tie them standing, facing together, their hands suspended from a spinning bar. They had to spin and each time a bottom faced me it would receive a slap from my crop. Now if the boy wants to be mean he can overpower the girl sub and make her bottom face me all the time or he can be chivalrous and take all the punishment. Plus some of the girl subs are quite adept at persuading (manipulating) the boys to take the punishment for them 😉

Another variation is where they can cooperate and work together either to reprieve the discomfort or to receive sexual pleasure. Years ago I saw a hugely erotic piece of predicament bondage based on this theme in a Gwen Media Video (USA). A girl sub was bound under water in a huge tank another sub had to keep swimming to the top to take a breath of air,  swim back down and pass the air mouth to mouth to the bound girl. Now that’s a predicament! (And a scene only for professionals.)

No Pain Necessary

Predicament bondage scenarios are only dependent on your imagination and it’s worth noting they are not always directly about the infliction of pain:

i)  A slave can be tethered to a bed or bench with toilet roll with the instruction that they must stay absolutely still and not let the delicate paper break.

ii)  Once secured in iron bondage (metal handcuffs etc.) the slave is given the keys enclosed in an ice block and must wait for the ice to melt to free themselves. Alternately you can drop the keys into a timed food canister (available for dieters).

iii)  A coin is place on a wall, the slave must keep it there with only their nose, their hands tied/handcuffed behind their backs. This then might be the time to discover if they are ticklish!

iv)  A slave maid must serve their Mistress’s guests or clean the house while hobbled with leg and arm spreaders. Perhaps with a feather duster gag.

Another of my fiendish predicaments – the more my inverted slave struggles, the more his movement and gravity impale him onto a huge dildo!

Safe, Sane & Consensual: Remember never leave anyone alone in bondage!

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Female Vampire – Dominatrix Role Model?

The Queen of the Damned (played by the stunning Aaliyah)

The Rise of the Female Vampire – A Dominatrix Role Model?

The female vampire of popular culture seems to be more fascinating than ever, she has emerged from the shadows to capture the zeitgeist and there are obvious parallels with the modern day dominatrix. The vampiress is mysterious, twisted, overtly and aggressively sexual; usually an older woman (in years, if not looks) and thus far more knowledgeable and experienced. She uses her femininity, killer-dress-sense, seductiveness and sex to control and manipulate those around her and importantly to turn them into her willing victims.

Furthermore, the female vampire like the dominatrix embodies something deeper for us culturally (perhaps even unconsciously) – she is a symbol of female power, aggression and unbound sexuality. She lies beyond the norms and conventions of femininity and most essentially she contradicts motherhood, nature, nurture and the passive female role in sex and relationships. She is not constrained by patriarchy and can embrace her natural sexuality.

Female vampires, like dominatrixes (and other sex workers) represent otherness – they are taboo, socially rejected and confront our notions of sexuality and morality. Society and men are both drawn to and repelled by us. Unlike vampires, dominatrixes do not blood-suck the life force of their victims, but the finale of the act of sexual union or play is usually crowned with ‘la petit mort’ (ejaculation), so there is perhaps some parallel.

There was a time, (back before Twilight) when Vampires were cool, they were evil and twisted and of course the Female of the Species is more deadly than the male…

So here’s some of our favourite wicked female vampires:

1. All True Blood’s Female Vamps

Lots of blood and oozing sexuality, these are the very bad girls from the True Blood TV Series. With the perfect musical musical accompaniment for this blog post!

2. Queen of the Damned – Akasha

I love her otherworldliness and total power – a little low budget but still Queen of the Damned is a good movie.

3. Miriam Blaylock

The Hunger with best opening to to a movie ever! Lots for smoking fetishists, David Bowie oozing coolness, Bauhaus live, plus a good approximation of an early underground fetish club.

4. Alternate Universe Willow

Yes, Willow was the sweet one – which is why it was fabulous that in an alternate dimension, they made her into a leather-clad bisexual, vampire sadist! From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, TV Series

5. Santanico Pandemonium

From the movie from Dusk to Dawn The Queen of this lair of vampires (Salma Hayek) entrances a new batch of victims in one of the most sexually teasing dance routines ever!

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Dangerous Liaisons – New Dommes

New Dominas Coming to The English Mansion

Here at the English Mansion we have no fixed rules about what constitutes femdom – it can be empowering, psychological, worshipful, sexual, fetishistic or downright sadistic with infinite other permutations. We give dominant women, switches and our dominatrixes a free rein and let them just indulge in what they most enjoy.

Goddess Serena is young and beautiful (ex-model) Amazonian UK prodom standing over 6ft in her heels. A proponent of gynarchy this domina’s raison d’être is to be worshipped and adored – she is not interested in your wants or needs, you serve, obey and suffer. Specialising in CBT & Pet boys. More Info Here

Mistress Inka is a stunning Scottish prodom based in Edinburgh (UK). A born domme and sensuous sadist, this gorgeous lady’s intelligence, intuition and enthusiasm makes her perfect for intense scenes, with CP one of her favourite ventures. Well versed in the technical aspects of BDSM, she specialises in medical play where her skill, imagination and flair for artistry take full advantage of a willing flesh canvas. More Info Here

Miss Marilyn is a striking and beautiful domme possessing a kind of alternative glamour and dangerous sex-appeal. Moths to a flame comes to mind! She has an amazing hourglass figure, alabaster skin and a strong resemblance to Marilyn Monroe. Miss Marilyn is a prodom based in Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland, UK; specialising in quasi-religious/vampirism themes, role play and Xdressing. More Info Here

You’ll be seeing more of them at The English Mansion very soon.

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Lady Nina’s Special Feminisation Regime Pt7

From ‘My Feminized Husband’ which starts this week inside The Mansion

Part  5 Money Making Schemes


By now your partner will be so broken and desperate for sexual relief, grateful for any small glance of your cleavage or brief reprieve from chastity, he won’t even realise he is slowly being turned permanently into your performing pet cocksucker. Now is the time to best to use him to make some extra cash – so here are some even more degrading suggestions:

6.  Dogging Whore
The sales are coming up! Find out where the local ‘dogging’ area is, drop him off in one of his sluttiest outfits so he is stuck there earning extra money sucking and wanking off horny guys. Remember to set an amount he has to make for you and make it clear he is not allowed to call you to collect him until that target is achieved.

7.  Satin & Petticoat Sissy
Just a lovely life-size dolly to play with. Add lots of frills, ribbons and bows and make sure you add some choice shots to your ‘compromising’ photo collection. If he ever plays up offer to send some of the photos to his work colleagues, this will soon get him back in line.

8.  BDSM Hardcore Porn Star
Contact a femdom movie site such as The English Mansion and offer him up for filming. Say he’s into anything! Especially ‘enforced bi – that way you and the girls will always have something amusing to watch on a Friday night.

9.  Latex Dirty Dolly
Get him well used to wearing full latex including inflatable breasts. Have some latex items custom-made with appropriate zips you want to make sure his ‘holes’ are accessible at all times for use. Allow him the luxury of wanking occasionally but only if he is wearing/smelling/stroking latex this way he will associate sexual pleasure with latex and get an instant erection at the merest scent of rubber.

This was the final part of my Feminisation Regime
I hope you have enjoyed it – I have 🙂 Lady Nina  x
© Lady Nina Birch

We’ve been honoured at The English Mansion to be given exclusive access to Lady Nina Birch’s Special Feminisation Regime, which we will post here over the next few months. This is an extensive, light-hearted guide and an essential read for all Ladies & special girls who want to engage in the world of feminisation. Lady Nina Birch is the UK’s foremost feminatrix with many years of experience and extensive knowledge on crossdressing and full-feminisation.

You can find our more about Lady Nina Birch here on her personal website

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Voluptuous Rubberised Femininity- The Art Of Gernot

Introducing Gernot

The artist Gernot is a painter, designer and sculptor born in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany in 1969 though he now lives and works in nearby Munich. He cites his early influences as: superheroes; Emma Peel; the rock band Kiss; B-movie heroines like Louise Brooks and Vampira; the 1980s Dark Wave scene; and the surreal biomechanical art of HR Giger.

He began his art career exhibiting Heavy Metal and Industrial projects, such as ‘Orgasm Death Gimmick’ featuring frightening large-sized oil paintings of machines and creatures. Though soon turned his attentions onto the female body and fetishism. Drawn to fetish icons like Betty Page; the publications of the legendary John Willie The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline & Bizarre Magazine and Club Caprice (a ’80s/’90s European fetish magazine similar to Shiny & Atomage in the UK), he started experimenting with fetish art. Which leads us to the unique style he has now developed.

Voluptuous Rubberised Femininity

Gernot paints and draws bizarre usually female fetish characters. Twisted, darkly erotic and exaggeratedly cartoonesque, his fetishistic vision encompasses ultra femininity, restricted kinky outfits and heavy-rubber scenes – always brilliantly executed. He also sculpts fantastic objects and produces deviant graphic designs.

There’s a strong femdom feel to his work with a reverence shown to the magnificently accoutred rubber-clad, rather depraved and scary looking powerful women who pervade (or parade through) his work. Alongside these alternative pin-ups of voluptuous latex-clad bodies are many deeply fetishistic images of boots and heels reminiscent of early ’50s fetish comics. I really like his work especially some of the portrait drawings you can see on his website.

Fetish magazines like Jürgen Boedt’s Secret & Twilight began printing his work. And he became a regular contributor to the world’s leading fetish magazine Peter Czernich’s Marquis where he also illustrated their bizarre-erotic stories. Today Gernot’s work has appeared in galleries and shows across Europe; and I would firmly place him as part of the new generation of pop surrealists or the ‘newbrow’ of lowbrow.

The Art Of Gernot – A4 Book

A book of his art was published in 2011 Bizarre Gallery – The Art Of Gernot and was first released alongside an exhibition of his artworks ‘Rubber, Frills and Thrills’ in Amsterdam in cooperation with Sexy Art Gallery, Demask and Wasteland. This collectors A4 hardcover edition, edited by Peter Czernich, presents an extensive selection of images from the dark wonderland of his bizarre fetish imagination.

Available from his website here Bizarre Gallery Gernot Book

Own A Gernot

Gernot’s Fetish T-Shirt Designs

Currently Gernot works as a freelance illustrator – designing logos, flyers, tattoo flash, story illustrations and cover art as well as taking private commissions. His website also has a shop where you can purchase prints alongside some fabulous T-shirts, figurines and other fetish trinkets displaying his artwork. Here

Visit his website here: Bizarre Gallery

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Down ‘n’ Dirty Strapon ~ Femdom Comic Strip

We hope you enjoy this fun femdom comic strip Down ‘n’ Dirty Strapon featuring Mistress Evilyne with images taken from the movie Wet Muddy Strapon now showing inside The English Mansion’s members area.

The gorgeous Mistress Evilyne has recently totally overhauled her website, the new design and photos were put together by Fetish Webmistress Miss May website & .
So go and check it out… Mistress Evilyne’s website.

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