Serial Bitch – Human Stress Toys

Human Stress Toys – More Musings from MSVB

Chatting with an extremely masochistic sub friend he told me about a session he had with an American dominatrix. She seriously ‘went to town’ on him with whips and cigarettes (which he loved) and after the session she had said, “Wow, I really needed that!”

I can totally identify with her, I would say in my day-to-day life I’m a pretty kind, considerate person but within the confines of my role as a domme I find hurting, being cruel and generally just bullying someone a huge stress reliever. Making me grateful that there are slaves and submissive men who allow me this release in a consensual and hopefully mutually beneficial way. The perception that slaves are somehow weak and pathetic is ironically, so wrong. I need physically and mentally strong men who can withstand all that I want to impart on them and am continually impressed with what my slaves will take for me.

When out in public eating certain table manners are usually expected, while as a domme I can suddenly take it upon myself to stab my eating partner in the hand; or take the lid off the salt canister and pour it all over his food totally spoiling it so he has to go hungry; or as on one memorable occasion, I suddenly and for no other reason than bullying, cracked a sub friend over the head with a large table-spoon – what an interesting sound. Appalling behaviour and yet such a relief to be able to indulge that need to be the queen of mean!

If I’m whipping someone hard over a long period it can be totally exhausting giving me a similar release, a heady power rush probably akin to the endorphins the sub receiving the lashes gets. I love that feeling, perspiring with the effort while relishing in the cries of another’s pain. Sometimes it’s hard to hold back and not go too far and why group domination scenes can often slip into a pack frenzy 😉 Oops

So thank you subs for making such great human stress toys providing excellent cruel kicks or a needed source of release – for us dommes who know how to indulge our inner serial bitch 🙂

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Meeting a Mistress – A little Nostalgia

Now most subs think the process of meeting a dominant woman or prodom is a pretty difficult one – actually, you should all think yourselves lucky, just try and imagine what it was like before the advent of the Internet! When I first started we put coded cards in newsagents windows – we’d sometimes get comical responses when someone got hold of the wrong end of the stick (pun intended 🙂 ).

We also put out personals in contact mags where you were given a code and interested parties would write to you, it wouldn’t be unusual to receive a sack of replies but the process of responding to them was epic. Later, with the revolutionary introduction of the mobile phone contact mags allowed phone numbers and if Mistresses think they get wank**s and no-shows now; it’s nothing compared to the days before caller display, back then you’d receive weird, deep breathing (keep talking I’m almost there) and even threatening calls, pretty much on an hourly basis. We were treated as a free sex phone call service. We didn’t even have appointment times for new clients we just booked in everyone and hoped for the best.

Now if I was playing spot the domme, we’d have: Mistress Caroline, Mistress Teresa May, Miss Parker, Mistress Severity, Mistress Annette,  Mistress Patricia, Mistress Eve/Karla, Mistress Xena, Mistress Zena, Mistress Anna (Brighton), Mistress Anna, Mistress Kate & Mistress Suzanna.

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More Music To Whip Guys By – Chilled Top Twenty

Welcome to another English Mansion Top Twenty
More Music To Whip Guys By – Chill Out

Welcome to another Top Twenty music chart of songs which exude sensuality and dark passions making them perfect for BDSM session play. Music is an essential backdrop to a scene it sets the mood and has an effect on our emotions. From high-energy dance for serious whipping to slow erotic ambient beats for more sensuous play; a scene moves through many phases and the right play-list compliments the action.

I’ve chosen these tracks for the vibe they have, not for the words necessarily and certainly not for the videos. So here are another 20 classic tracks for BDSM session play this time with a focus on chilled out beats. Unlike my last rather eclectic play-list which traversed all the decades back to the 70’s,  pretty much everything here is post 1990 (except the 1989 Cure track) with lots of recent finds and interestingly two instrumentals (joint No. 18s) making it quite a modern ambient mix. So here are a few more of my personal favourite tracks all that have great pervy memories for me 🙂

1   Swords
Leftfield feat. Nicole Willis 2000 Play Video
2   Enjoy The Silence

Depeche Mode 1990 Play Video
3   That’s the Way Love Goes
Janet Jackson 1993 Play Video
4   Exit Music (For a Film)
Radiohead 1997 Play Video
5   Lullaby
The Cure 1989 Play Video
6*   Glory Box
joint with
6   Here

6  Hell Is Around The

Portishead 1994

Alessia Cara 2015

Tricky 1995

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
7   I Walk the Line
Halsey 2015 Play Video
8   This Love
Craig Armstrong 1997 Play Video
9   Hourglass
Samuel Sim feat.Tracy Kashi 2017 Play Video
10   Nevermind
Leonard Cohen 2014 Play Video
11   What Else Is There?
Röyksopp 2005 Play Video
12   Seventeen
(Droyds Remix)

Ladytron 2002 Play Video
13   All is Full of Love
Björk 1997 Play Video
14   The Sun
The Naked and Famous 2010 Play Video
15   All We Do
joint place with
The End
Oh Wonder 2015

Nostalghia 2014

Play Video
Play Video
16   Past Mistakes
Persia White feat.Tricky 2009 Play Video
17    Where Is My Mind
Sunday Girl 2015
The Pixies 1988
Play Video
Play Video
18   Clubbed To Death
joint place with
18 One Too Many Mornings
Rob Dougan 1999

The Chemical Brothers 1995

Play Video
Play Video
19   Strange And Beautiful
Aqualung 2005 Play Video
20   I Want You
Madonna feat. Massive Attack 1995 Play Video

* a little homage to Isaac Hayes

And the very close contenders were:
Sly – Massive Attack  2009    Play Video
Halo (Goldfrapp Remix) – Depeche Mode 2004     Play Video
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Emily Browning  2011    Play Video
Underwater Love –
Smoke City 1997   Play Video
Slow Motion Picture – 
Solomon Grey 2016

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Tremblr – New Male Milker

Miss Tiffany Naylor keeps her mummified sub teased & edged on the Tremblr male milker


We have been enjoying playing with an excellent new toy here at The English Mansion. The Tremblr is a new male milking machine with some similarities in construction to the Venus 2000 but overall quite a different device. It uses an electric motor to turn a rotating arm connected to a piston, that in turn is connected to a ‘receiver’ via a long rubber tube. Air is then drawn in and out of the receiver, on insertion the penis is sucked in and can then be massaged, pulsed and stroked for hours on end!

You can control the amount of air ‘sucked’ to both set the depth of the stroke and the speed of the stroke – which combined produce a myriad of different and intense sensations. With 180 strokes per minute being its top speed. So with the right rhythm and suction you can use the Tremblr to bring the ‘little man’ to climax or with slower, longer strokes it’s perfect for an extended tease and edging session.

The ‘receiver’ on the Tremblr has a fairly thick rubber/latex liner which produces a much firmer and slippier sensation compared to the Venus 2000; and it’s far more robust over time. It’s also one of the quietest milking machines I have come across.

The Tremblr is operated by remote control allowing you to direct the device from a distance. Ideal for when your Domme wants to sit back and watch your torment from afar controlling its every motion. And, useful if you are using the machine for hands free masturbation – which is the market it’s generally aimed at.

It comes with a rugged and discrete carry case which is fairly bulky; is supplied with 3 receiver sizes (M, L, XL) or you can order an extra receiver pre-built to your spec; and a 110/240V auto switching power adaptor suitable for most power supplies worldwide.

Available from – Tremblr


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Burn In Her Flame: Governess Elizabeth

Welcoming Governess Elizabeth

We’re so pleased to welcome another stunning dominatrix to The English Mansion – Governess Elizabeth is an elegant, educated domme with luxuriant red hair that cascades down her super fit physique. She enjoys exploring role play fantasies, is a lover of all things kink; adores dressing for power & pleasure with her very own impeccable sense of style and possesses an extensive collection of rubber & fetish outfits.

You’ll find her a warm, approachable genteel Lady, as well as a sadistic Siren – it’s an intoxicating mixture, make no mistake. Devotees should make sure they don’t get burnt as they find themselves, like moths, easily drawn to her flame!

Governess Elizabeth is prodom based in central London, UK, specialising in enforced chastity & keyholding; strict corporal punishment of wayward gentlemen; medical play including needles & sounding; anal & fisting; and adult baby play under the care of Nanny Eliza.

You can watch Governess Elizabeth in action right now, inside our members area…

or visit Governess Elizabeth’s website or More Info Here

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Slave Life at the Bottom of the Pile

Life is hard being a house slave at The English Mansion always on call for all the resident and guest dommes never quite knowing how you will be used or abused…

Recently stunning and statuesque Miss Vivienne decided to reward her favourite slavegirl Suzie with a special treat letting her visit the male slave stable and pick out any slaves she might take a fancy to, I was thrilled when she picked me alongside one of the other male slaves.

(At the Mansion there are slavegirls, also present for the Mistresses pleasure, but we are taught that all women are superior to men here and that slavegirls are considerably higher up the ladder from us lowly males. That’s why the they are permitted to use or punish us and we must obey them without question.)

We were chained up in one of the outdoor milking sheds and under went the humiliating experience of being intimately examined and discussed by Miss Vivienne & Miss Suzie in their search for the fittest and keenest sex slave. Our mouths and bottoms scrutinized and importantly our cocks teased to be checked for size and willingness.

I was desperate to be chosen as I would have loved to have the honour and pleasure of being Suzie’s sex slave plus as I had been in chastity for over 2 weeks I was horny as hell!

Sadly I was not chosen but Miss Vivienne wickedly looked me in the face, smiled and told me not to worry as she had another job for me – as a useful ‘cuckold fluffer’ to make the chosen slave’s cock super hard, wet and ready to fuck Suzie. Red faced and humiliated I obediently got onto my knees but Suzie didn’t think I was trying hard enough and holding my head pushed the hard cock right down my throat – all I could hear was the women laughing as I choked and spluttered.

Miss Vivienne then set to work supervising the fucking, instructing her two slaves how to fuck for her in different positions making them put on a horny sex show for her. I was locked back in one of the holding cages so had the frustrating experience of being made to watch all the action close-up. Listening to Suzie’s crys of plesure as she orgasmed on another cock.

For the most part I was ignored however Miss Vivienne obviously enjoying my status as the cuck slave pushed her stiletto heel through the bars of the cage ordering me to get sucking telling me this was all the sexual action I would be getting today and that she’d remember to have me locked back in chastity later.

Well this is my life at the bottom of the pile…

All of these images come from Choosing Her Pleasure Cock featuring Miss Vivienne l’Amore & Miss Suzie Best now showing inside The English Mansion.

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