Mistress Miranda

The Bondage Mistress

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Mistress Miranda


Mistress Miranda is an extremely competent, approachable and dedicated dominatrix. Attractive, naturally commanding, statuesque and powerful (with an incredible body) - you're certainly in her hands when she gets to work. She's a well-established prodom, with incredibly well-equipped chambers consisting of three separate areas: a dungeon, bondage & medical room. And, you can't be anything but impressed by the sheer amount of specialist BDSM equipment she has accumulated. This is a Lady who loves her toys – if you can think of it, she probably has three! She specialises in mummification, rubber enclosure and suspension scenes - well she does title herself as 'the bondage mistress'.

Where Based:

Hanwell, West London, UK

Movie Specialities:

Mummification, Suspension, Extreme Bondage, Rubber Bondage/ inflation & deflation, Elaborate Electrics & Extensive Medical Play Procedures

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