Mistress Katerina

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Mistress Katerina


Mistress Katerina is an approachable and understanding classic young prodom. A redhead with piercing blue eyes, she was born in the former Soviet Union but is completely anglicised now, though she still slightly carries its sexy accent. Super slender, statuesque (standing 1.75m/5’9″ tall) with amazing epic legs Katerina carries herself with a natural grace and poise. While her mesmerising beauty and allure easily has slaves under her control and willing to do her bidding. And, as a true sensuous sadist she adores nothing more than the sight of a naked man whimpering at her feet and the feeling of power and control she has towering over him.

Where Based:

West Midlands, UK

Movie Specialities:

Sensual Pain, CP, CBT, Slave Training

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