Fetish Nikki

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Fetish Nikki


Fetish Nikki is the extremely pretty girl next door, slim and blonde, she looks sweet and innocent, however, this girl is anything but! She’s a provocative, demanding princess who will easily wrap you around her pretty little fingers; then have you begging to do her bidding. She loves to keep her boys locked in chastity devices, holding the keys to keep them at her mercy and totally attentive. Nikki is an experienced British lifestyle and pro kinkster based in the counties south east of London. She herself reveals,  “I have many years of utter filth behind me, many more to come!” Fetish Nikki specialises in domestic scenarios, CFNM, chastity key holding, lady boss and other role plays, encouraged bi & lesbian cuckolding. With a love of high heels & lingerie – her gorgeous legs are rarely out of fully-fashioned seamed stockings.

Where Based:

South East England, UK

Movie Specialities:

Chasity Keyholding, Domestic Role Plays, Lesbian Cuckolding, CFNM

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