Lady Valeska

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Lady Valeska


Lady Valeska is a gorgeous, slightly alternative looking dominatrix orignally from Canada but now UK based. She has the standing of an Amazonia goddess with her striking statuesque figure. Feminine but powerful and imposing, making those who wish to serve sink to their knees in reverence, overwhelmed by this lady's presence. Lady Valeska is a genuine kinkster and heavy rubberist, she's nearly always found adorned in head-to-toe tight shiny latex from her a huge wardrobe of second skin kink. She also has a natural born desire and need to control those who wish to attend her.

Where Based:

South-East London, UK

Movie Specialities:

Heavy rubber play; anal & strapon; encouraged sissification & Xdressing; domestic servitude; & corporal punishment.

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