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Tables Turned: Femdom Fiction

Tables Turned It was proving easier than he thought, he reflected, after Eve’s call resulted in a request for a meeting in the coffee house. He had just completed the conveyancing for her and the documentation was ready for signatures. … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror: Femdom Fiction

Mirror Mirror: Femdom Fiction Turned Bi By My Mistress I lay back on the bed, looking upwards at the mirrored ceiling, which reflected our naked forms. Eve’s arse looked sumptuous, as did that of her partner for the evening. I … Continue reading

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Woodland Dogging: Free Entertainment Slave

My homemade animal capture & control pole – another element to the humiliation, a leash that keeps the slave at a distance & tighter under my command I have always preferred slaves that need a little breaking, I like the … Continue reading

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Conference Break: Femdom Fiction

Conference Break: Femdom Fiction He swirled the mint around in his mouth, its refreshing spearmint flavour sharpening his taste buds, or so he thought anyway. Given what he was tasked with putting into his mouth in a mere matter of … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Gay – Extreme Turned Bi Conditioning

Shades of Gay – Extreme Turned Bi Conditioning I have also had to deal with another slave who is a habitual wanker, unfortunately for me he is rather well endowed and so chastity is not an ongoing option. So I … Continue reading

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Meet Miss Kinky Dirty Bitch

Above are a selection of photos from recent mansion shoots with Miss Kinky Dirty Bitch – also with Lady Nina Birch & Mistress T We’re so pleased at The English Mansion to welcome Miss Kinky Dirty Bitch aka Amica Bentley. This … Continue reading

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