The Perplexing Enigma of Bernard Montorgueil

The Perplexing Enigma of Bernard Montorgueil

Anyone with an interest in femdom will no doubt have come across the erotic images of Bernard Montorgueil.
Well I should say the ‘the works attributed to a Bernard Montorgueil’. This artist is a mysterious figure, his name is almost certainly a pseudonym and we know almost nothing about him or even when the art was produced. They have been dated as from the inter-war period the 1920s & ’30s, based on their style but it’s not definitive. And I say ‘his’ but ‘he’ could have been a ‘she’.  It’s also not clear exactly how many images he produced, possibly 107, though there may be more. He was not just an artist but also an author, in the original manuscripts handwritten stories accompanied the illustrations. They were written in French leading to us to the presumption that he was French.

The illustrations are simple, somewhat crude pencil drawings of slender female and male figures engaged in extreme BDSM play, CP and sex acts, some brought to life with rather gaudy watercolours. They pretty much cover the gamut of female domination ‘activities’ with some homo-erotic/male bi dom and enforced feminisation thrown in. The backgrounds are usually domestic and rather refined, set in upper-class bourgeois drawing rooms (though there are dungeon scenes), the women are elegant and haughty while the men are younger and rather delicate.

His dominant women are not femme fatales but rather ‘the women next door’ dressed in tweed suits and evening dresses. The artist conveys a sense that the men are being forcibly enslaved by these women; they’re always inventive with wonderful small details and feature a mainstay of BDSM – elaborate torment contraptions and predicaments. They certainly challenge any notion that BDSM play and femdom is a relatively new phenomenon because it’s all here laid-out, from well over half a century ago!

In the 1950s Montorgueil’s illustrations and stories became very popular circulating clandestinely around underground networks. By the early 1970s his work was reprinted in limited editions by Editions Bel-Rose in the Netherlands and France and later Germany. Further reprints by various publishers followed, including ones produced for the UK. In some editions the illustrations are in black and white, whereas in others they are partially colourised with vivid colours. It is thought that they were colourised by a subsequent publisher probably in the ’70s in an attempt to modernise them and make them more saleable.

In 2014 four of Montorgueil’s actual manuscripts were sold at a Christie’s Auction for £30,000, very little is known about these first versions, however, from the auction listing we learn that some of the artworks did originally have colour on them as they are described as, “pencil drawings with touches of colour.” We also discover that some of the images were part of beautiful double page spreads accompanied by the text of the story. So the images we most commonly come across today on the web have been bastardised  – chopped up and garishly coloured sadly diminishing their original artistry.

In the Christie’s catalogue, which we hope to be definitive and given they had access to the original manuscripts, Montorgueil name is spelt with a ‘gue’. In the ’70s limited and numbered Bel-Rose editions which purport to be signed by the artist, his name and signature are spelt ‘geu’. I guess nothing changes in the porn business you create it and everyone else ‘approproates’ it 😒

A comparison of the original manuscript drawings with the ‘touches of colour’ from the Christie’s catalogue (left) with the gaudy colourised version most commonly seen today (right).

It’s difficult to imagine now with the access we have to sexual images but these artworks would have been the hard-core pornography of the time. And it’s impossible to know if they were produced as a commercial endeavour or were just one person’s private ‘wank bank’ sold on at a much later point.

I’d speculate that they were created by a man with a genuine interest in female domination, a sub with an active imagination; it doesn’t strike me as the work of a full-time artist but someone who used art to fulfil their sexual desires. If there’s no porn – you make your own, the art is his fantasy world. Someone who had another life by day and so needed to keep his identity as the artist secret.

Bernard Montorgueil should be recognised and celebrated as one of the foremost femdom authors and illustrators of the early twentieth century. Like most erotica from the past produced in secret, there’s much we will never know; while he probably didn’t appreciate how much pleasure his images and stories were about to give generation after generation of future pervs. 🙂 The real Montorgueil may be lost forever but at least the works remain as his legacy.

A selection of Bernard Montorgueil Illustrations

Bibliography – The Erotic Stories of Bernard Montorgueil
Dressage/ Training
Une Brune piquante/ A Sexy Brunette
Une Après-midi de Barbara/ An Afternoon with Barbara
Les Quat’ jeudis/ Four Thursdays
Dans la Maison des Amazones/ In the House of Amazons
L’Accusation/ The Accusation
Équivalences/ Equality
De la pénétration psychologique en matière d’éducation/ Psychological Penetration in Education
L’Invertie convertie/ Converted Invert (Invert was an old word for being for gay)

Update: I discovered, (on the blog of a collector of rare books,   that he had been attempting to find out why there were two spellings of Bernard Montorgueil name and had asked J. B. Rund for any helpful information. Rund was the publisher of 24 four volumes of Bizarre Comix (Belier Press 1975-86), reprints of bondage cartoon serials from the 1950s originally sold mail order by Irving Klaw. Rund replied, stating he was the person who sold the original Bernard Montorgueil French manuscripts, which he found in Paris in 1969, to W. N. Schors, who, in turn, sold them to Editions Bel-Rose (Hans Langerveld) in Rotterdam. He also stated that all copies of the edition were signed by W. N. Schors using a pseudonym that he invented and that he believed the works were not produced until the 1950s or ’60s. (I’d suspected that they were possibly from a slightly later date.) His response, however, still doesn’t answer the most pertinent question – who or where did he get them from in Paris in the ’60s? He states that Schors invented the name Bernard Montorgueil but we know from the Christie’s auction that there were initialled by the author. Though it might mean he created the names using the initials. If anyone has any more information, do get in touch.

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Slave Driver: Mistress Scarlett Black

Slave Driver: Mistress Scarlett Black… Obey Your Mistress

We’re pleased to welcome another gorgeous dominatrix to The English Mansion – Mistress Scarlett Black is a sensual, curvaceous prodom. Approachable and open-minded she adores her profession and has many years of experience; welcoming novices, experienced players, couples and singles. She is based in Leicestershire & the East Midlands, UK and has her very own well-equipped chambers.

She specialises in role play scenarios employing her active imagination and is infamous for her love of strapon and anal play. She also offers double sessions with a male dom/bull.  More Info Here

You can watch Mistress Scarlett in action right now inside our members’ area… and new this month in Blondes Prefer Slaves.

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Upgrading Your Mansion Experience

See how hard I’m working

Better Viewing Experience

Here at The English Mansion we are continually striving to bring you the very best femdom content and viewing experience … well the Mansion minions are… I just sit back, whip in hand, doing the occasional maniacal laugh – I’m good at those 🙂

We’ve tuned up the website to give you a faster experience – pages, downloading & streaming are now quicker than ever before. We’ve also upgraded to HTTPS ensuring the latest security web standards.

The English Mansion has been around for 15 years and when we started there was no such thing as widescreen HD content, so we have started upscaling some of our classic SD movies to HD while also re-colouring, sharpening and compressing them to a higher quality. We’ll be putting some of these up on the website this summer. So if you have a favourite classic Mansion movie let us know here on the Blog (in the comments below) and we’ll put it on the list.

That’s right membership has its benefits…

And we have something VERY special planned for our members this fall but you’ll just have to wait and see!

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6 Reasons Why Men Should be Kept in Chastity

Mistress T the Queen of Tease and Denial from Fucked In Chastity now showing

6 Reasons Why
Men Should be Kept in Chastity

or The Pleasures of Erotic Sexual Denial

1. Fidelity From Afar

Chastity devices were originally designed to keep the wearer faithful. Thus having his crown jewels locked away – so he can’t play away – is totally reassuring as it ensures his complete fidelity. In this way chastity devices also help deal with habitual cock wankers ensuring they aren’t off self-pleasuring themselves. Masturbation drains their desire of you and therefore should be controlled, monitored or stopped entirely.

2. Focus
Another effect is what I call ‘focus’ by keeping him in chastity, even when you are actually sexually engaged with him, forces him to focus on you and your pleasure. He should be giving you orgasms, and lots of them! If you don’t allow him to cum or even have that as an option, he has to concentrate on you; your pleasure becomes his pleasure. We all know the effect that cumming can have on a man – his small brain flips to food and football! So just don’t let him cum or motivate him with what we employ at The English Mansion  – the 50 equals 1 rule (that a slave must give me 50 orgasms to earn just one for himself).

3. Sexual Re-Education
This leads to another use – controlling his sexual desires. His chastity device should ensure that he can’t even get an errection (not without a lot of pain 😉 ) Thus as soon as the device comes off he’s hard and hot for you. Keeping him always desperate, ready for sex, pliable and agreeable. Now is the time to steer him towards what you want sexually. His simple male brain can now be reprogrammed and his desires corrected  e.g. only allowing him to get hard and/or cum while being fucked with a strapon or when licking your pussy 🙂

4. It’s Hot! Teasing & Total Denial
Teasing him in chastity i.e. keeping him in a heightened state of sexual arousal for a long time and then denying him an orgasm, as a woman can be so hot. Keeping him in a weakened state begging for release – pathetic, pliable & attentive. Knowing you have total control over him and you can use his sexual arousal against him to your advantage – the perfect male manipulation material. Never let him assume he will get an orgasm when engaged sexually with you, it should be at your whim or earned; and preferable after a very long period of abstinence.

5. Ownership
For BDSM players putting your slave into enforced chastity can symbolise ownership, like a collar or a body marking. It reminds him constantly of your control from afar and that you own him, his cock and rule his desires.

6. Feminisation
Chastity devices can also be useful for enforced male to female transformations, locking away his male genitalia permanently will help emasculate him. Using genital piercings to do this also has the benefit of pulling his cock back between the legs to lock it up, thus refining his figure and getting rid of this ugly unfeminine disfigurement.

We adore Chastity play here at The English Mansion and have loads of films focusing on erotic sexual denial, here are just a few: Fucked In Chastity, Chastity Release Tease, Chastity Sex Tease, Cum Control, Cruel Chastity, Lez Cucking Their Chastity Boy, Wheel Spun Cum, Lessons In Cruelty & Chastity Tease. Plus TV/Sissy chastity in Skool Sanctions, Doll In A Box, Bossy Ballet Teacher, Smothered & Scolded & Chastity Bound.

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Queen of Clubs Miss Kim & Club Rub

Kinky Impresario Miss Kim

A Brief History of Club Rub

Club Rub was a glamorous, sexy and super friendly fetish club that ran every month from 1996 to 2017, over 21 years in and around central London. It was conceived by the marvellous Miss Kim who after a short 2 year partnership running The Rubber Nipple Club branched out alone. The burgeoning Club Rub astutely filled a gap in the fetish market for a sizeable club but one offering a more intimate environment than the huge warehouse fetish events; while also managing to bridge the scene gap between the players and the fetish fashionistas. All with kinky impresario Kim at the helm as the consummate host and party organiser.

Its dress code focused more on stylish fetish glamour with an emphasis on rubber-wear and there was usually a theme for each event like MAlice in Wonderland or Gender Benders giving creative kinksters an opportunity to impress, though any fetish wear was acceptable. The music was sexy house and pumping club classics from regular DJs Irish Pete and Rob Parish but it also headlined guest DJs with Kim managing a major coup roping in Boy George for one Xmas bash.

The club had a small play area with its infamous grope box, gorgeous resident dungeon Mistresses there to whip up some sexy fun and showcased fabulous cabarets and performances. It was also famed for its Annual Rubber Awards which included categories such as: Best Creative Rubber Outfit, Best Rubber Uniform, Best Rubber Couple & Best Full Rubber. Winners receiving valuable vouchers from the cream of London’s rubber fashion designers. The club traversed quite a few venues over the years but is possibly best remembered at Dukes in the City of London. Back in my clubbing years I was a regular at Club Rub and always had an absolute ball there, it was a great club!

Some of
Club Rub’s Fabulous Fliers
Click on any image to start slideshow

Above – Renowned artists: Vince Ray, Trevor Watson, Helen Jones, Michael Lake McMillan, Maria Coletsis, Marcus T, Zac Zenza, PKK, Penn, Valerian de Thorianie & John Chiltern.

A Continuous Fetish Art Exhibition

To help promote Club Rub Kim enlisted various alternative artists and invited each to create a series of six club fliers, two artists a year, producing over two decades a plethora of wonderful & singular illustrations, photographs and artworks. So Kim should also be applauded for the vast number of avant-garde artist she has supported and promoted both within the club and in creating its publicity; not forgetting the clubs influence on fetish fashion which should not be under estimated. (I was even once asked to produce a set of fliers and of course chose powerful women as the theme.)

What I adored about the Rub fliers, which would arrive in the post along with a newsletter (this was before the domination of the digital world and Kim licked a lot of envelopes), was that they were designed to be used as actual, tangible postcards, they had perforations so you could tear off the bottom bit with the club details and then use them in the post or collect them to pin up on your wall. A little bit of art for all to enjoy, an ongoing fetish art exhibition that continued for 21 years 🙂

Miss Kim must be commended for what she accomplished with Club Rub in an industry that isn’t pervy or female friendly. She is a highly talented, intelligent, super savvy woman whose hard work and force of personality has led to her success. She’s also gorgeous and hugely creative collaborating with many artists with herself as the model, over the years producing amazing images. Some of these concieved for her ‘labour-of-love project’

Bishopsgate Institute Library Archive

So in recognition of Miss Kim’s achievement and it should be lauded, the Bishopsgate Institute has decided to record the history of Club Rub. The Bishopsgate Institute’s Special Collections and Archives are home to a range of materials that document the development and history of LGBTQ communities and alternative sexuality in Britain. All housed in a beautiful Victorian building in the heart of London (literally opposite Liverpool St. Station) and you don’t need to join the library as all are welcome to go and visit its collections. Go there, check it out!

The Bishopsgate Institute

To celebrate the arrival of the Club Rub archive a special evening held with invited guests to explore the archives through a pop-up display including an exhibition of some of the flier artworks. And to hear more about the history of the club with short talks from those who have been part of the community, including club promoter Miss Kim, Marnie Scarlet & Irish Pete.

Queen of Clubs

Club Rub may have sadly come to an end but Miss Kim is still partying away now running the UK’s only total Rubber event Rubber Cult, she also sets up regular Mistress Workshops and even delves into some classic prodomming, see here Miss Kim Rub.

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Looking for a Dominatrix? Visit Our Elite Listings

The gorgeous Mistress Evilyne

Looking for a Dominatrix? Visit our Worldwide Listings – here at The English Mansion we have a regularly updated, photo directory, simply organised by continent/country on one page. We only list the best – established & dedicated dominas, equipped in the field they specialise within. We focus on quality not quantity. We aim to make our listings simple and quick to use. And, our ‘Dom List’ has been up since 2004, so it’s well-established at over 13 years old!

Currently TEM has a global website ranking in the 160,000’s (UK & Europe 36,000 & USA 98,000) so our Dom List page receives a HUGE amount of worldwide targeted femdom traffic.

This is typical feedback & praise we receive for our list,
“Your domina listings page is the only one I use, no broken links and so quick and easy. You only list real dominas who are active. Most other lists are so complicated and full of wannabees or Mistresses who aren’t even available.”

So take a look at The English Mansion’s Elite Dominas Listings DOM LIST here or to find the page just click on ‘Dom List‘ on the top navigation bar at

Elite Dominas Worldwide Listings
Dominas please contact us if you meet our criteria and want to be listed

Plus Our Fetish Listings/Resources

I receive countless emails  from dommes and subs asking me where I purchased an outfit or specialist piece of equipment, so… I always put up a link to everywhere I shop on our Fetish List page. Plus there are links to suppliers recommended to me by fellow dommes and many other useful fetish links including: Fetish Markets, Dungeon for Hire & CD specialist stores –  to name just a few. So go and check them out 🙂

The English Mansion’s FETISH LIST

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