Mansion Easter Egg Hunt

Mansion Easter Egg Hunt

Here at the Mansion sometimes there’s little references or joke connections ‘easter eggs’ hidden in our films. So for those of you that enjoy a cryptic crossword, we thought you might enjoy trying to work them out? There are clues.

In our prison cell scenarios, we always use the Prison Number of a VERY famous fictional prisoner. There are 8 here for you to find.
Plus the ‘skool themed photo’ at the top of this page has an apt easter egg for you to also try and find? A clue, not the answer: Initials of Daddy’s Relish.

Let us know your score & answers on twitter @EnglishMansion #MansionEasterEggs
9/9 is the maximum score – No Cheating!

Answers See Below:

Sirius Black: Prisoner of Azkaban
Number Six: The Prisoner (Cult TV 1967)
V : V For Vendetta - Larkhill Resettlement Camp Batch V Subject
Hannibal Lecter: Baltimore State Hospital
Jean Valjean: Les Misérables
Harley Quinn: Gotham Police Department
Andy Dufresne: The Shawshank Redemption .
Bea Smith: Prisoner Cell Block H (Cult TV 1979)
Slytherin Tie: Harry Potter (HP Sauce)

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