25 Weird & Wonderful Butt Plugs

For the Love of Butt Plugs: The Weird & the Wonderful

Ok it’s January it’s cold, it’s dark and it’s miserable – so I thought we could all do with a little cheering up 🙂 We’re all familiar with butt plugs but here are some of the most fun, impressive, quirky and downright bizarre plugs currently on the market…

“Putin My Ass: Show your behind to the man behind Russia’s anti-gay legislation” seems an apt way to protest indeed it seems what butt plug you’re wearing is now a political statement or a sacrilegious act of transgression.

While the text on the USB plug says, “Never lose those important files again… back that data up, it’s as secure as you are”

And Keith the Ass Gnome @AssGnome  just sluts it about making appearances everywhere! When he’s not assisting the gorgeous Mistress Nikki Whiplash.

Lastly, this is the impressive text comes with the Glow in the Dark Rosary Beads Butt Plug, “Praise JESUS! With this custom made, glow in the dark rosary butt plug! That’s right keep Jesus that much closer to your heart, with this stainless steel, ribbed, glowing necklace of devotion, cast the devil out of your back side, light up the night, show Jesus what your really in to! Perfect for Christmas, Easter or just praying around the house, its sure to be the hit of every holiday, let everyone know that you love the lord just a little bit more :)”

So if you particularly like any of these plugs here are some links:
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