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Everything you ever wanted to know about Mistress Sidonia but were afraid to ask…

Mistress Sidonia is a Scorpio, living in the west of England in the UK. She was born and grew up in Greater London where she graduated from Art College in South London, specializing in photography.

She was drawn to sado-masochism and all things kinky at a very early age. It drew her immediately to the (then fledgling) fetish night-club scene. Back then it was much more of an underground and clandestine world, very different from today’s scene opened up by the internet. She describes her first club experience as “a dark room filled with a sea of black rubber and leather” where she immediately felt at home.

By the age of 21 she was actively involved in the founding and running of the infamous Club Whiplash at the Reflex in Putney. After two years she finally decided to leave the club as she wanted to travel.

By sheer coincidence her leaving party at the club was the night it was raided by about 80 police officers with riot gear and dogs. She reminisced that it was one of the funniest and surreal club evenings she ever experienced. The police broke down the door and charged in obviously expecting violence, drugs, drunkenness and a room full of difficult social deviants. They switched on the lights, only to discover that the majority of those attending were old enough to be their parents (some may well have been!) and included doctors, lawyers and other professionals, many literally enjoying a nice cup of tea. The subsequent court case actually set the precedent for fetish clubs to operate legally, as all the charges were later thrown out of court.

Mistress Sidonia then left the UK to travel in Europe and spent periods working in Amsterdam at Club Doma and in Antwerp at Candy’s Store. Here she says she learnt much about the heavy rubber scene, inflation, deflation and restricted breathing that is so popular on the continent.

Now in her mid-twenties she came back to London and opened “a house of fantasy & debauchery” with five other women in Streatham, London. The set-up was not that dissimilar from the movie ‘Personal Services’ and Cynthia Payne who inspired the movie, worked just around the corner from them.

Mistress Sidonia has had two works published, a book – ‘A Practical Guide to the Practice of CP’ and an erotic short story in a collection written especially for women. She was a regular contributor to the Fetish Times Magazine and has written many articles for a plethora of fetish related magazines.

She has received numerous alternative awards including – Best ProDom Sex Worker at The Sex Manics Ball’s Erotic Oscars and the 2003 Night of the Cane’s Caning Competition, in which she actually carried out the (very accurate) caning blindfolded!

She originally came out as a lesbian but has alternated with partners of both sexes saying now “the kinkiness of my partner is much more important than their gender”.

After Streatham she worked in a few different domination houses ending up in her own chambers in Shad Thames, Tower Bridge but explained that it was a bit like working in a chocolate factory. She had started working as a Mistress because it was something she loved and was drawn to, but the work was demanding and draining and she started to feel burnt out and disillusioned. One of the down sides to working in a commercial environment was that many of her personal fantasies were pushed into the background.

After a long break, a spell at college studying music theory (she plays the piano and xylophone) and another move across the Thames to Whapping, she did work again but now on a part-time basis, with new rules. She worked when she wanted to, with whom she wanted to and always on the understanding that clients were there for her pleasure and for her to do what she loved and enjoyed. Now in her 30s she says this was a golden period where she really came of age as a dominant woman discovering new heights, especially the psychological aspect of being Mistress. She believes this needs a certain amount of maturity, that only an older woman with more life experiences can possess. It takes years to have the practical knowledge, confidence, understanding of male sexuality and your own desires to be in total control of another person.

She has a life-long love of the arts: literature; music especially opera; drama and art. She is also a health and fitness enthusiast who loves walking, swimming, badminton, yoga and going to the gym. She is now back at college part-time studying Economics and Philosophy.

She still considers herself to be an artist.  The movies she makes for The English Mansion are one aspect of this, but she also continues to make more personal and intense works in the form of short art-films. These are cathartic pieces which provide an outlet to explore the ‘darker side of her unconscious’. She also takes beautiful photographs that somehow look more like paintings or have an unreal quality about them. Her work is often based around sexual deviance, repressed female violence and explores a new extreme feminist perspective.

On asking what was her raison d’etre, she replied “I’m on a mission to corrupt the World – it’s a kind of kinky world-domination plan. I’m like a James Bond baddie sitting at my computer in my leather cat-suit with my cat Monty purring on my lap and my slave rubbing my feet”. Basically she feels passionately that adults, especially women should explore and enjoy their sexualities, whatever their interests, viewing it as a natural and positive aspect to their lives.

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  1. Stray says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia Von Bork.

    I was so intreged by your port folio & i am very interested in what you do.
    I am seek a position as a personal Butler/Maid /Slave & handyman.
    I am on a sit called Fetlife.com stray67.
    I have my profile on there if one wishes to read.
    I would like to get to kow you as a friends more than anything.
    sorry it’s short but one does not really know how to approach such wonderfull women as yourself.
    Kind regards

    Alan L Johnson


    Hello Sidonia,

    I just want to say that I found your biography very informative and interesting. Although my slave and I have known of you for some years, we weren’t aware of your blog. Indeed, it is his slutty browsing that brought it to my attention! However, though our membership lapsed, we were until recently keen members of your English Mansion film site! Great action! Also, along with other Dommes, we have a picture of you, from DDI magazine, up on the wall of our playroom at home (“Slaves Wanted”).

    This World certainly needs and could only benefit from your corruption mission! I VERY much agree with your closing comment about women and their sexualities. I have long believed that so many women’s lives would be so much more contented and fulfilled with such an outlook.

    For my partner and I, our chosen FemDom path has embellished and enriched our life immensely. Despite the (too often) tsunami of vanilla frustrations, we could never retreat from our respective roles. For several years now, my husband has been truly and totally sexually enslaved and controlled by me, in no small part thanks to the wonderful tool of a chastity device, which I wholeheartedly agree with you is ESSENTIAL in a female-led relationship. he is so much happier than when he was trapped in what he mistakenly thought was his freedom to wank obsessively, and is now unselfishly devoted to MY sexual pleasure. I have gained much confidence from my control over him, and thrive on it and my status as his Goddess. The effect on our sex life is, needless to say, simply explosive! When the limitations of “vanilla-ville” recede, we have every intention of living the lifestyle far more intensely, fully and consistently.

    As a matter of interest, although no longer in the UK, we did used to live fairly near to you, in Dorset. Nowadays, we pop over to London several times a year, mainly for kink-related activities, including sessioning with professional Mistresses. We adore that! Incidentally, it is a pity you are not seeing new clients anymore as we would certainly have been tempted to investigate the possibility of playing with you as we too are very kinky and open-minded! We also like to attend fetish clubs from time to time and will be at Pedestal on March 25th. Should we spot you one day, my slave and I will make a point of saying “hi”.

    Anyway, best wishes for now and good luck for the future, particularly your domination by corruption!

    Lisa (and slutty slave william)

  3. yvon christian says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia !
    First Thing I want to let you know is that as a submissive guy I´m enjoying your work a lot. Anyway please allow me to ask if there are any ethical Limits or Principles you keep in Mind while you act in Sessions. I recently saw a clip in which you´ve been wearing a Kind of black SS-Uniform with a Brassard. As a french guy born and raised in Germany in 64 who lost a certain number of familymembers in concentration camps during the so called “3.rd Reich” I just can´t help myself in feeling a little offended by this Kind of Things. I`m absolutely sure you didn´t mean to mediate it that way but it just left some Kind of astonishment inside.
    However . Let me repeat just how much I admire your dignified Appearance.
    I`d be very happy about an Answer if you´ll find the Time.
    With all my respectfull regards , sincerly ,
    yvon christian

  4. paul barnes says:

    just to say i think your site is much better than others that seem more talking less action yours is great plenty of action. it reminds me of being caned by the headmistress at school in 1960s i liked it so much i kept being naughty and sent to her to be caned on bare bottom. when i left school she asked me to her home and met her sister who introduced me to domination while she carried on caning . i feel at home watching your mistresses severly punish the blokes. well done wish it was me on the receiving end. thankyou for taking the time and effort to read this from paul barnes aged 60

  5. paul barnes says:

    hi mistress i really loved your life story since leaving my home town and the headmistress i moved down south and went to a mistress advertising in a magazine. she shouted at me and told me to bend over she hit my bottom 4 times with a wooden ruler then said that was it. years later i got my first computer and looked up spanking and hey presto ive found you watching your mistresses do spanking paddling caning and femdom has really reignited my love of mistresses. i still remember the heads sister pulling me towards her and grabbing hold of my very red and sore ass and digging her very sharp fingernails deep into my ass cheeks mm x

  6. vernice61 says:

    Beautiful and superb Miss Sidonia
    I’m your biggest fan. I wanted to give you the link of my femdom site works, which correspond to my innermost fantasies. I wanted to know what you think and if you could publish a few images in your prestigious site. With submission I kiss your feet and I thank you. kisses

  7. Blkfetishguy says:

    Love your site and your blog Mistress! Been a long time fan of English Mansion and it’s content. You are an amazing person, so diverse in interests as well as sexy, sensual and oh so wickedly dominant! Keep it up!

  8. robert says:

    Hello ! I’m a big fan of you , i love you so much . I wish i play in english mansion movies . Please guide me how can i do that . Who do i have to talk to . Thank you !

    • See our Info Page for how to apply to be in a movie.

      • lisomi says:


        Please do forgiven Me for asking.
        I’m a Trans -Gender.
        May I, be known if. your ‘Maybe’ ??
        able to teach me, maybe a little more..
        on how become more of, a right female.
        and also. In a way, That I will be able
        to defending Myself. towards..
        Unwanted. contact from men.

  9. Roger Patterson says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia I was delighted to see you posing with one of my Red 3 foot or Red 5 foot Nylon tipped whips in that red 3rd Reich picture of you . I am curious where you were able to purchase it from . I do alot of custom whips . I wholesale black whips through Mr B in Amsterdam and colored whips in New York at the Purple Passion, and through Mr S in San Francisco. I am seeking retail representation in the UK. Again, Thanks Very Much. Roger

  10. Hans says:

    Just how a Mistress is ment to be,would like to serve

  11. Chris F. says:

    Beautiful Mistress Sidonia;
    I sincerely enjoyed reading the intriguing summary of your Bio above. It’s well worth re-reading over numerous times to get a real understanding of who you are as too with your entrancing (“Let Me Hypnotize You”) Blog section. I realize not every male slave is mature, trained well, or even worthy enough in the slightest mention to be privileged to give themselves totally to your respected whims, obedience and servitude at your cherished feet. Humbly I wouldn’t dare to presume anything of being worthy before you accordingly of the likes in my own being. But I do truly appreciate and am compellingly mesmerized by you. In your Art Website I guess I was taken back by a mix of emotions with awe, shock, and perhaps too misunderstanding in one of your art photos; namely, (“Ariel Belle, You Shall Go To The Ball “). Kinda reminiscent of a part in the Cinderella story before and after she went to the Ball. Truthfully; it brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps its because I saw something of myself in your photos. At the age of 55 I’m not man who is stranger to pain, torment, suffering, or stigma. Verily; it has become a greater part of who I am and perhaps invariably cling to today behind exterior self-placed masks and walls as a way of coping in a confounded crazy world. My sincere apologies if I’m wrongly discerning your photo. Under all my exteriors I’m just a soft-hearted man easily manipulated by the strong feminine powers of a lady, a woman, a beautiful harsh mistress. Thank You for your precious time Mistress Sidonia.

    Most Submissively and Respectfully Yours
    Love Chris XO

  12. imdow says:

    Does she really have slaves at her feet all the time?
    Do you own a pony and a dog slave?

  13. william, NYC says:

    What a lovely surprise that I happened to come across your blog, which I was delighted to read. I was aware of the EnglishMansion site and remembered how much I admired your stern and elegant form of domination over your subjects. And now after reading your blog, it’s truly wonderful to learn of your personal feeling and outlook on this lifestyle. It seems that it has become more of a business for most, with acting and numerous “pro-dommes” where I always perceived as lacking the elements which truly make female leadership/control as wonderful as it is. Very nice to see that you are someone who is actually passionate about this. I do hope to see more women embracing their inner power and having the ability and desire to fulfill what has been kept repressed by society for too long now…What an honor and privilege it would be if considered worthy enough to be a slave in your stable 🙂

  14. Victor SVQ says:

    I love every inch from you, Mistress Sidonia. I would like to know where to buy the same boots you are wearing in the head of this page. I need my mistress in spain be exactly like you. Thank you.

  15. Stephen says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia,
    Your work is incomparable in the femdom genre. I have seen many femdom videos and a few femdoms face-to-face, However, none have had the combination of gorgeousness and innate sadistic personality that you convey in all of your videos.
    Best of Luck! Live long and Proper…..
    Stephen (a fan from California)

  16. loser slave T says:

    Mistress Sidonia i am Your loser slave. You are my Boss. You are my Mistress. i worship You.

  17. william says:

    I just love that picture above with the playful smile. It’s brilliant in contrast to your dominant personality. 😉
    Oh how I wish to find that special Woman, to devote myself to pleasing and serving forever

    • william says:

      I just love seeing the “:-)” emoticons in Mistress Sidonia uses in her blog posts ^_^

  18. Martin Whelan says:

    Dear Ms Sidonia
    Strange how we never have met, Yet I know you
    I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel or was it at Whiplash
    In Putney on that Fateful night. I had similiar experience in the
    Cafe des Artiste in Fulham-Chained to Light brackets in a darkened
    Cellar club -Owned by Sadie all those years ago-Raided by police
    Nowhere to go. I suspect you know Camberwell quite well As do i but
    Not the College of Art-Perhaps the IOP. I once had a Future We
    Travelled the same Journey.Maitresse ,Der putsch ,Whiplash ,Doma
    But what about Shiva’s Place in Marnixstraat in Amsterdam ? We
    share old friends and acquaintenances, Kinky dirty bitch,bellatrix
    JS Zara, not to mention Cynthia—– Payne of course. Your are lady
    of rare talent, an unconventional mind. A cesspit of devience to
    Match my ID– We belong.
    Ps love your work from the author of The final Taboo and
    The Sensual Sadist

    • I know what you mean entirely – certain people I became good friends with after passing them so many times in the night – you do feel destinies hand at work, that certain things are meant to be 🙂

  19. Bill C. says:

    Ms. Sidonia,
    Wonderful blog and work you do. Most importantly, you seem to genuinely embrace your dominant nature where as too many women suppress this side which is constructed by social norms from birth. However, I do feel that with the turn of the century the shift in female empowerment has gained more momentum than ever.
    But then again, if you go back to the Victorian era, it is interesting to read about elements of femdom that existed at the time. Certainly the term “queening” probably stems from Her majesty (Victoria’s) reign, as there were males designated for servicing women in such a way so that they could “technically” remain faithful and still be pleasured. You of course have perfected making use of the male tongue by now, (those boots shine nothing short of perfect at all times 😀
    so Bravo! I wish you continued success in your future pursuits and if you ever need your boots “polished” in New York city, get in touch 😉

  20. BALA says:

    hi mistress sidionia please your are my godess so please trample me my age is 26 i workship you

  21. dimitar says:

    Hallo,mistress Sidonia!I am your big fan from Sofia,Bulgaria.I know about you since 2005 year and I was your friend in facebook.You are the most interesting and beautiful domina in Europe!

  22. Tommy says:

    My Almighty Goddess Sidonia,
    I bow my head beneath Ur adorable heels,beg 4 Ur blessings with Ur heels over my head, beg Ur highness 2 use my head as Ur foot rest,collar me as Ur doggy,title tag me as ” SIDONIA”S doggy”, living life as Ur dog is pride 4 me,serving U 24x7x365xTill my end, is my berth duty,I am placed on earth only 2 serve U.
    Start my mornings with Ur worship & prayers,fetch Ur slippers in my mouth,wake U up,licking Ur feet gently,Leading U 2 4 daily rituals, Brush,gargle
    follow U on my 4 in Ur Garden,serve coffee,cookies,massage Ur feet,while U read daily news.
    Fill Ur bath tub with warm water,scrub,Ur feet,rub Ur body with bathing gel,wipe Ur feet & body with fresh scented towel, cook & serve breakfast 4 U on my knees,iron Ur clothes, lick polish Ur work shoes,paint Ur toes nails,wash Ur car,drive U 2 shopping,open car door,carry Ur shopping bags,walk like Ur dog with Ur collar in high street,make U feel gr8,serve U in private,& public,cook lunch,dinner & serve U, do house chores,clean Ur bathrooms,wash Ur dirty clothes, house keeping,do vessels, serve U every minute, is my birth duty,dying as Ur dog on duty is respectful living.
    Ur’s 4 ever
    SIDONIA”S doggy

  23. Tommy says:

    My Almighty Goddess Sidonia,
    I am born 2 B Ur doggy,wear Ur dog collar,U R born superior 2 rule my life,keep me under Ur control,beneath Ur feet, Ur heels R more expensive than my life,I owe my life 2 U, my skin,my body,brain,my eyes,my tongue,every part of my body is owned by U,i live life at Ur mercy, I eat Ur leftover,& waste food. during festivals I shall B gifted with Ur pee & thats only during celebrations,I crave 4 special celebration feed. I am the priest of Goddess,her HIGHNESS SIDONIA”S shoe & heels worship center. I chant prayers,clean all her shoes & heels on daily basis,the dirt of her heels is my daily feed,the sweat of her feet,armpits,Pussy sweat,snot,spit,vomit is holy drink 4 me.
    Long live Goddess SIDONIA, She is the only living ALMIGHTY GODDESS in the universe.
    I offer my skin shoes 4 her feet,my spine as her shoe heel, my hair as her shoe strap,my eyes as decorative on peep toe heel.
    My whole body is 2 B used in serving my ULTIMATE GODDESS SIDONIA

  24. Salome Verdad says:

    Hi Mistress Sidonia,

    I’ve just published a short novel on a femdom/BDSM theme on Kindle. It’s here:


    Since you are the “thinking man/woman’s” dominatrix I think you might like it. A lot of femdom erotica is so badly written and dull, and I hope this isn’t either.

    I’d be happy to send you a promotional copy via the Kindle platform but I need an email address. If you’d like to receive it please let me know.

    Please excuse me for contacting you via multiple channels – didn’t know which if any would work.

    Best wishes,


  25. K1 says:

    please please please…you must ride on your little slaves.this scens are the best work for a beautiful top mistress.thank you

  26. Lewis says:

    Hi Mistress Sidonia,

    My name is Lewis and I am the owner of Masters Desire, the luxury bondage company. We’ve been featured by some pretty big names in the industry (SkinTwo, Cliterati, Nymphomaniac Ness) and even picked up some awards for our products.

    Plase take a look http://www.mastersdesire.com


  27. Jimbo says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia,
    I hope your fans appreciate all the work that must go into setting up a slave on a bondage table for a shoot. A lot of trail and error must be involved, for example getting the funnels aligned for the shoot where, among other delights, you drip urine from a bucket into his expectant mouth.
    Keep up the imaginative work. It is truly artistic.

  28. Francis says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia,
    Hi there! How are you these days? I really do enjoy your videos, and also thought that you have done a super great job with your site!! And, I also thought that you truly are a very beautiful, and so myoung looking, and I also loved how very sexy, and so very sensual, and so very beautiful you look in your leather outfits and boots!! 🙂 I especially loved you in your catsuits and thighboots, so very awesome you look in them! 🙂 I was wondering if you will be doing any more kidnapping videos? I especially like the one with you going into a guys’ flat, and drugging him to s;eep. (I do wish that I was that guy you put under!) I wish that you would do that to me.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you go to other countries and do a session? Or, do you just stay in England, and have them come to you? I was just wondering.
    Also, I was wondering if you could send me an autographed picture? My nams and address is: Francis Wurtz Jr. 4890 Canada Hill Road, Machias, New York, 14101, USA.
    Thank you so very much, and I hope that you will have a most wonderful day, and a super great week!
    Take care, and with all my love, and all my very best wishes, always,
    P.S. I love you, always! 🙂

  29. Nico says:

    Hello Mistress Sidonia
    I contacted to request to produce video, i wanted to ask if the request arrived, perhaps I was not very specific in your presentation, if you need additional info i am happy to answer you, i also wanted to send a picture in your presentation but I could not.

  30. Dave says:

    I just saw photos of your shoot at bootlovers.com. you have a great smile. I’d like to see more smiles.

    Thanks and regards!

  31. Nico says:

    It is possible participate in your videos?

  32. Gregory says:

    You are the only Lady that encompasses the essance my affection for living life to the fullest.

  33. dogxarab says:

    l beg you i am wanna be your bitch

  34. kirk carter says:

    Dear Mistress Sodonia, Have been pulling luxury pony carts up and down Santa Monica Beach for years. Although I’m paying theses girl’s $150 a mile, they are afraid to really whip me with the crop or the singletail like I like. I give them wine, music, and a splendid view of the beach, but they seem timid. What would you suggest I do to make them more agressive?

  35. Big Fan says:

    I have been a member for 4 years and Thanks so much for applying our suggestions on your site !
    We like to see more transsexual mistress, would you like to have Eva Winters and Anastasia on your site ? When can we see more ?
    Thanks !

  36. Rob says:

    I’m dying to worship your arse mistress, how can I apply?

  37. Andreea says:

    Here I hope to find a Mistress who will force me to marry her.
    I would like to be ruined as male to be recreated as transsexual slave. This can include hormonal therapy, 24/7/lifetime chastity belt and even breast implant.
    I have no money and the only way I can pay for it is with my life.
    As a wife / transsexual slave, I swear to serve you lifetime.

    Aici sper sa gasesc o Stapana care sa ma oblige sa casatoresc cu ea.
    Imi doresc sa fiu distrus ca barbat, pentru a fi recreat ca sclava transsexuala. Aceasta poate include tratament hormonal, centura de castitate 24/7/viata si implant de sani.
    Nu am bani si singurul mod in care pot plati pentru asta este cu viata mea.
    Ca sotie / sclava, jur sa te slujesc pe viata.


  38. Otto Heisenberg says:

    Adored mistresses,
    I’ve enjoyed the fabulous English Mansion site for quite some time and would really love to have a real sesson with one of the many wonderful ladies. I have not found out yet if that is possible. Could you help me please?

  39. frankkoja says:

    Hello Mistress Sidonia, i am 20 years old slave from USA, i started to become a slave, and loving this lifestyle after watching your many videos. I always wish to be dominated by you when i watch these videos. Please i want to be really dominated by you, but don’t know how; should i come to your place, or you travel. Also, how can i apply for a session with you. Thanks

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